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How to Bring Rare Flavors Into Your Coffee Shop

Coffee drinkers around the world strive to try new coffee flavors and degrees of strength. Providing a variety of rare flavors will keep your customers coming them coming back as they are in awe when visiting your coffee shop. To provide a profound coffee experience, here are some ways to bring rare flavors into your coffee…


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3 Types of Tech to Meet Your Customer Expectations When Setting Up a Restaurant

One of the keys to growing a restaurant business is to make your restaurant stand out. Technology is one of the things that you can use to separate your business from the competitors, and many technological upgrades are necessary just to remain on the same playing field. There are several types of technology that you can add to your restaurant. Here…


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4 Tips for Top Customer Service in Your Cafe

People love going out to cafes to share a cup of coffee or a sandwich with friends and family. For many consumers, dining out is their entertainment for the week. As such, it’s important that cafe owners and staff make guests feel welcome. Here are four tips that will help them do that.

Acknowledge Them When They Come In

No one likes to go into a restaurant to eat and feel like they are invisible to the staff. Hosts, waitstaff and other front-of-the-house workers should…


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4 Essential Renovations to Help Keep Your Coffee Shop Clean

More than a place that serves coffee, a coffee shop should feel like a temporary retreat where individuals can escape from the rigors of normal life. If your coffee shop is dirty, though, that feeling of tranquility will be ruined. At the same time, keeping your coffee shop clean can be a job that demands a lot of your time and energy. With the right…


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How Your Coffee House Can Market Your In-House Signature Roast

Coffee shops often face fierce competition and those that fail to stand out from the crowd could soon find themselves on the back foot. A signature in-house roast can be a powerful promotional tool, one that may end up playing an important role in your overall advertising strategy. More effective ways to market both your roast and coffee house could…


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How to Reduce Your Café's Food Prep Time

Do you own a café? Do you want to stop wasting so much time? Do you want your employees to show up close to opening and not have to prep for hours beforehand? Everyone wants fresh. Having good quality fresh ingredients can put your place on the map, but it takes forever to prepare. Below are some options to consider to help make your café more…


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How to Make Sure Your Cafe Kitchen Is Squeaky Clean

Cleanup duties may seem like mundane chore, but they are still an issue of tremendous importance. Restaurants that fail to keep their kitchen and food prep areas squeaky clean could run into any number of problems which they would have done well to avoid. From minimizing labor and overhead costs to avoiding the headaches associated with a health-code…


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4 Marketing Tips to Take Your Coffee Shop From a Flop to the Top

Running a coffee shop is a great way to establish financial independence and become your own boss. You are basically living the American Dream. If you want to take your American Dream to the next level, you need to get the name of your business out there. Here are some marketing tips that can help take your coffee shop to the next level.



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How to Go From an Empty Lot to a Busy Coffee Shop

Running a small coffee shop can be a dream come true as long as it’s prosperous. Many owners struggle and find themselves looking at an empty shop. Don’t fret, though. There are things you can do to help encourage success. Try these tips to go from an empty lot to a busy coffee shop.

Have a good product

You need coffee that people like…


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5 Ways Your Café Can Stand Out From Local Competition

Making your business stand out can be a challenge especially since there are likely plenty of other restaurants to compete with in your area. With hard work and perseverance, your business can be more successful than you may believe. Instead of letting your café get lost in the crowd, take action by making an honest effort.



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How to Handle High Demand in a Small Coffee Shop

Growth is a good thing for small companies, but business owners must be prepared to scale up if they hope to take advantage of such growth. Such is the case with rapidly-growing coffee shops. To keep up with higher demand, these small coffee shops need to make some quick changes. If this rings true for you and your small coffee shop, read on for the most effective tips to help you survive.…


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21st Century Updates for a Successful Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are one of the most popular types of businesses today. They are financially rewarding as well as easy to start up and maintain. The trends you set to update your coffee shop with a 21st Century appeal is an important factor in how successful your business venture will be.

Know Your Customer Base

No matter where your coffee…


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5 Clever Coffeehouse Solutions for Shorter Wait Times

Long wait times is an issue that can soon find your customers turning to the competition. From mobile apps that make it easier to place a pick-up order to providing your staff with additional training, there are plenty of ways to speed things up. Shorter wait times mean greater customer satisfaction which can lead to increased sales.



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5 Coffeehouse Perks That Keep Customers Coming Back

Owning a coffee shop is a great business. There is a large demand for coffee. Of course, there’s also a lot of competition out there. Some of the competition are huge conglomerates with more resources than you. How do you beat them? Well, you develop a strong customer base. You do this by offering useful perks. Here are 5 perks that keep…


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3 Ways Small Restaurant Owners Can Compete with Chains

Chain restaurants have loyal patrons, a well-refined menu and name recognition. Many have large marketing budgets and are visible on TV, the Internet and billboards. In many markets, these restaurants are the primary competitors for privately-owned restaurants. Regardless of whether you are launching a new restaurant or you are struggling to bring customers into your established venue, you understandably need…


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3 Extras Every Modern Coffee Shop or Cafe Should Offer Customers

Regardless of where your coffee shop or café is located, you understandably need to remain competitive in a tight marketplace. Your customers may have at least a few other options in the vicinity, and they can always choose to drink coffee or tea at home or at work as well. You need to give them reasons to stop by your coffee shop or café specifically. In addition to providing amazing…


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How to Make Your Kitchen Your Favorite Coffee Shop, Cafe, and Diner

Cafés and diners have an uncanny ability to make you want to sit down and stay a while. The smell of the coffee brewing and the delicious food served at these establishments definitely help to create a welcoming environment. If you want to capture that same feeling for your own kitchen, there are a few additions you can purchase for your kitchen to make it feel like your favorite diner…


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Taste Faker? 3 Ways to Develop a Finer Food Palette

There’s nothing trendier than having a bit of knowledge about food. From Instagram posts to elaborate dinner parties, it seems like everyone is taking food a bit more seriously. If you find yourself faking your way through most food-related conversations, it’s time to step up your taste game. Below are a few different tactics you can try to make yourself a…


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A Morning Brew: 5 Benefits You May Not Have Known

For millions, the morning ritual of a hot cup of coffee is a sacred time. Coffee tastes great and increases alertness, but it also has a significant number of potential health benefits for regular drinkers. Articles published at Medical News Today and in scientific journals have noted a wide variety of mental and physical health conditions that coffee could play a part in treating.



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Top 5 Health Benefits For Regular Coffee Drinkers

Top 5 Health Benefits For Regular Coffee Drinkers

A cup of coffee can do a lot more than just wake you up. In fact, coffee is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. Below are some of the health benefits of drinking coffee:

Improves Your Oral Health

Many people avoid coffee because they do not…


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