How to Reduce Your Café's Food Prep Time

Do you own a café? Do you want to stop wasting so much time? Do you want your employees to show up close to opening and not have to prep for hours beforehand? Everyone wants fresh. Having good quality fresh ingredients can put your place on the map, but it takes forever to prepare. Below are some options to consider to help make your café more efficient.

Sharp Knives

It seems like common sense, but sometimes we forget that having a nice cutting knife can make things go faster. Start by training your employees in the proper way to sharpen a blade. Provide them the tools to do so. They will thank you. Chopping herbs for egg sandwiches. Dicing tomatoes for sandwiches. Cutting those muffins in half now became a breeze. Depending on the size of your café this could save a few minutes to an hour of fast chopping saved. Take a lesson from professional chefs who use this tip to save time.

Standardize Recipes

Recipes can confusing. You want customers to have the same experience they did last time they came to your café. This is why it’s important to have clear instructions.  You want to make sure that the food is consistent for allergy reasons and for flavor consistency. Having pre-made items they can assemble and utensils that measure the correct serving size will take any guesswork and make an assembly line move fast for the lunch rush crowd.

Ready-Made Items

Sure, you may have daily fresh scones you serve with the coffee, but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be baked in-store.   Not dedicating days of prep time to foods like kaiser buns for sandwiches or fries for sides can give fresh tasting food for less time prepping. Many other foods out there can be prepped ahead of time and can last the week.

We can make him better stronger faster?

In a café, your employees are walking all over each other. They zip back and forth from the front of the counter to the machines used. Positioning can save an immense amount of time. Place everything your employees need within reach. This may mean having many stations. Reduce obstructing traffic and you’ll have grateful employees.

Efficiency is key. What you as a café employee or owner can do for the business is to provide time saving methods. Take a step back and check the business by watching how things work. Many of these improvements can be done without spending extra funds. When fancy machinery that may speed up a process can cost thousands, start simple and work up from there.


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