How to Bring Rare Flavors Into Your Coffee Shop

Coffee drinkers around the world strive to try new coffee flavors and degrees of strength. Providing a variety of rare flavors will keep your customers coming them coming back as they are in awe when visiting your coffee shop. To provide a profound coffee experience, here are some ways to bring rare flavors into your coffee shop.


Now, it may be easy for you to find the traditional Arabic or Columbian coffee bean and test out some syrups to add to the coffee, but to provide a truly unique experience for your customers, you need to research the rarest coffee beans in the world and figure out how to get your hands on it. To find rare beans, you may have to go to auction lots where the beans are sold to roasters. Best of Panama Competition Champion coffee scored high and is sold for $1300/lb.

Now, the average pound of coffee can make 48 cups of coffee. This may seem like a lot if you are purchasing the coffee for personal use but since your purchasing it for a business, you will need to purchase several pounds of coffee. Getting your hands on this coffee is important but learning how to roast the beans yourself is also important. If you roast the beans yourself, you can save on that money. There are other coffees such as the Hacienda El Robel HR61 coffee that sells for $150/lb. This is a special made Columbian coffee that comes from HR61 beans, this coffee is not produced often and is made available for auction as a charitable event.

Change Up the Coffee

Rare flavors in your coffee shop are important but not something you may be able to do year-round. Since specialty coffee is made only during special times, you can use this to your benefit when selling the coffee to the public. Since beans are only grown and distributed during certain times of the year, advertising the coffee in your shop is important. It’s just like seasonal flavors are only made during certain seasons.

Roast the Beans

Roasting green coffee beans cost less than roasting them and having them shipped as it takes out the leg work of the roasters. A bean roaster may have a higher upfront cost but will save you money as you continue to purchase green beans. There is nothing fresher than freshly roasted coffee beans and you can even use this to your advantage by selling freshly roasted coffee.

Whole Bean Columbian Supremo

A 2 lb bag whole bean Colombian coffee with notes of dark chocolate and amaretto cherry will give a fresh finish to the brewing process. Purchasing these beans whole and then grinding them to order will give the customer a fresh cup of coffee that is smooth, aromatic, and flavorful. The roast is medium providing the perfect consistency for the customer.

To provide a profound coffee experience, these are the perfect ways to find a unique flavor and bring a great coffee experience to the customer. Providing different flavors and options during the year will keep the customer coming back to find out what new flavors are available

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