Taste Faker? 3 Ways to Develop a Finer Food Palette

There’s nothing trendier than having a bit of knowledge about food. From Instagram posts to elaborate dinner parties, it seems like everyone is taking food a bit more seriously. If you find yourself faking your way through most food-related conversations, it’s time to step up your taste game. Below are a few different tactics you can try to make yourself a better-rounded foodie.


Get Help

Guided tours are a great way to experience certain tastes as they are meant to be consumed. Some of the most common guided food tours tend to be wine-tastings and distillery tours, and these tours tend to be a model you’ll want follow for other types of guided food experience. Go somewhere where an expert can explain a bit more about what you should be tasting, how the taste of the item in question can be changed, and what makes the difference between it being prepared in different ways. Guided tours may also allow you to sample high-end liquors or foods that you don’t want to purchase blindly.


Try Something New

Another great way to really put your taste buds to work is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you’re afraid of a certain food, it may have less to do with the food itself than how it was prepared. Pick an item that you’d like to try and go somewhere that specializes in that type of food. Treating yourself to a quick food adventure is both a way to learn more about the various tastes out there and to reward yourself for trying something new.


Pay Attention

Finally, take a moment to stop and pay attention to what you’re currently eating. If you like the taste of something, try to learn what goes into that food. You might immediately point to something broad like the particular food being sweet, sour, or spicy, but try to figure out exactly what makes those tastes occur. It might be a particular spice, cooking method, or even ingredient that makes all the difference. Once you can start paying attention to the things that you like and identifying them, you can take that knowledge and start applying it to other foods.


The best way to develop your taste buds is to study, taste, and be open to new experiences. Learn from those who know more than you, try food as it is meant to be cooked, and pay attention to what goes into your body. With a little knowledge and awareness, you’ll find that eating is a totally different experience.

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