How to Make Sure Your Cafe Kitchen Is Squeaky Clean

Cleanup duties may seem like mundane chore, but they are still an issue of tremendous importance. Restaurants that fail to keep their kitchen and food prep areas squeaky clean could run into any number of problems which they would have done well to avoid. From minimizing labor and overhead costs to avoiding the headaches associated with a health-code violation, making sure your commercial kitchen is being properly run, clean and maintained is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Create Established Cleanup Procedures

Having a set way for cleaning everything eliminates any uncertainty regarding cleanup. Creating a manual detailing the steps that need to be taken when closing and cleaning the kitchen ensures more consistent and dependable results. Training all existing and future kitchen staff to follow the same procedures can allow them to work more efficiently which may save on labor and help to lower overhead costs.

Ovens and Deep Fryers

Cafe's have fries, sandwiches, baked goods, and lots of other delicious sides to great Joe. A deep fryer that has been in continuous operation for hours on end can be a far greater challenge to clean than a sink, bus tub or food prep station. Contracting with a commercial grease trap cleaning helps to ensure that the job is able to be done to your satisfaction. Outsourcing key aspects of cleanup and waste disposal can free your staff to concentrate on other responsibilities.

Opening and Closing Shift Duties

The kitchen needs to be kept as clean as possible in between shifts in order to ensure superior sanitation and efficiency. Tasking each shift with additional duties or scheduling deep-cleaning tasks on a rotating daily or weekly basis helps to ensure that your commercial kitchen is being properly maintained. Clearly outlined shift duties pertaining to a specific time and day of the week can help you to better direct the efforts and energies of your staff.

Sanitizing Food Prep and Storage Areas

Any area where food may come into contact with a potential contaminant needs to be sanitized as often as possible. An outbreak of food poisoning or other health issue that originated within your kitchen can be disastrous. Taking extra care to keep food handling, prep and storage stations as clean as you possibly can be well worth a little extra time or effort.

Trying to do much on their own is a common mistake that many restaurant owners tend to make. When it comes to kitchen cleaning, make sure that your staff has been properly trained and that your shift supervisors and managers understand their role. Never forget that keeping the kitchen squeaky clean is a team effort.

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