4 Essential Renovations to Help Keep Your Coffee Shop Clean

More than a place that serves coffee, a coffee shop should feel like a temporary retreat where individuals can escape from the rigors of normal life. If your coffee shop is dirty, though, that feeling of tranquility will be ruined. At the same time, keeping your coffee shop clean can be a job that demands a lot of your time and energy. With the right renovations, though, you'll be able to clean up messes that occur and keep your coffee shop cleaner on a day-to-day basis.

Remove Carpet

If you're moving into a space that was previously used for a different purpose, one of the first things you'll want to do is remove any and all carpet. Carpet is difficult to clean when coffee gets spilled and holds onto dirt as customers move into and out of your coffee shop. You can replace the carpet with an easy-to-clean surface such as laminate or concrete. Hard floors are easy to apply waterproofing to and can be installed as waterproof by professionals.

Waterproof Porous Surfaces

In some cases, you may want to leave porous surfaces, such as wood finishes and leather cushions, in your coffee shop to add a more relaxed feel. However, any porous surfaces can make it difficult to keep your coffee shop clean when they absorb spills. That's why you should think about waterproofing these surfaces so that you can maintain their appearance and ensure that they're easy to keep clean at all times.

Simplify with Stainless

There's a reason that you see so much stainless steel in commercial kitchens: it's easy to clean. It makes sense, then, to use as much stainless steel as possible in your coffee shop to help simplify your cleaning processes. Stainless steel can be used in food preparation areas, service counters, on walls, on table tops, and much more. In addition to being easy to clean, stainless steel has the added benefit of being easy to sanitize.

Add Indoor Spigot

If you have a floor or other interior surfaces that are waterproof, it makes sense to clean them in the easiest way possible: by using a hose. By installing an indoor spigot, you can add easy access to water so that you can wash your floors, fill up buckets, and do other water-related tasks with ease. Just be sure that your furnishings are protected from water so that you don't end up causing damage.

Among other benefits you'll receive from making renovations to your coffee shop is the ability to clean your coffee shop with fewer chemicals. Since you'll have plenty of easy-to-clean surfaces, a simple bucket of soapy water will often suffice to get the job done. This will leave your coffee shop smelling clean without the overpowering scent that cleaning chemicals often have. This will ensure that the most important smell in your coffee shop - the coffee - will always take center stage.

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