How to Go From an Empty Lot to a Busy Coffee Shop

Running a small coffee shop can be a dream come true as long as it’s prosperous. Many owners struggle and find themselves looking at an empty shop. Don’t fret, though. There are things you can do to help encourage success. Try these tips to go from an empty lot to a busy coffee shop.

Have a good product

You need coffee that people like if you expect them to keep coming to your store. If your coffee isn’t better than the free pod coffee you get at the office then don’t expect much repeat business. Use the best coffee beans and grind them fresh. You should also offer a discount brand for the people who don’t appreciate gourmet coffee. It doesn’t stop with the drinks, either! You should offer delicious pastries and treats for people on the go. When you open, take notice of what items are selling the most to ensure you always have those in stock.

Utilize digital marketing

Smart phones are a great way to look at cat videos when bored in the dentist waiting room. They are also an extremely useful tool to reach out to people about your business. Utilize social media. It is free. You can also reach a lot of people at once. Join local social media groups and build up your friend list. You can do this by posting funny things as well as pictures of your delicious products. While you need to promote yourself, keep the promotional posts to a couple of times a week so that you don’t annoy people.


When you offer convenience location is everything. For a coffee shop, you want to be where the action is. People don’t want to go out of their way when they’re probably already running late to work in the morning. Look for commercial real estate in an area with a lot of office buildings. Finding a place next to a large train station can also be helpful. Figure out what areas are growing that aren’t saturated already.

Be involved in your community

Many people are proud of the area they live in. They want to support local businesses in the area. Of course, they may not even know you exist if you don’t get involved. Run a marathon, be a part of a local campaign, or get involved with a local charity. Develop relationships with the people you meet. Don’t forget to invite them to buy from your shop. Always wear a hat or a tee shirt with your logo and the name of your business to help promote it along the way.

You have a dream. It may be an empty lot now, but you can turn it into a successful business with these tips. Good luck.

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