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How to Transition to a Drive-Thru Only Menu

With the closing of dining rooms and the trend of social distancing, you will want to find a way to drive business to your eating establishment. One of the smartest ways to continue your business’s growth is to transition to a drive-thru only menu. Here are the four top ways you can keep your business going with a drive-thru only menu.



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How to Improve High Traffic Drive-Thru Efficacy

These days, more and more people are using the drive-thru instead of eating indoors to minimize contact with other people. This means the drive-thru will be more crowded than ever. It's important to keep things moving. Here are 4 tips on how to improve high traffic drive-thru…


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Details to Consider to Help Make Your Coffee Shop Look Quaint and Unique

Many coffee shop owners struggle with increasing the amount of customers that come in every day. In order to gain customers, your coffee shop needs to have more than just coffee. You have to create…


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How Your Coffee House Can Market Your In-House Signature Roast

Coffee shops often face fierce competition and those that fail to stand out from the crowd could soon find themselves on the back foot. A signature in-house roast can be a powerful promotional tool, one that may end up playing an important role in your overall advertising strategy. More effective ways to market both your roast and coffee house could…


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How to Retain Your Coffee Shop Customers When the Weather Heats up Again

Once the outdoor temperatures start to rise, you might begin to notice that our coffee shop customers are dwindling. While your business is sure to drop a little bit during the hottest months of the year, there are a few simple and inexpensive steps that you can take to attract more customers to your coffee shop during the summer.

Boost Your…


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4 Reasons to Keep Your Cafe Visually Up-to-Date

If you want your cafe to be the local hotspot for working, hanging out, and checking in on social media, keeping it visually updated is one of the most important things you can do to keep customers coming back. If it's been a while since your cafe had an aesthetic update, here are four reasons why you should consider giving it a facelift.

Increase Walk-ins and Foot Traffic…


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How to Modernize Your Cafe Kitchen to Keep up With Coffee Trends

The National Coffee Association reports a staggering increase in the percentage of coffee drinkers. The rapid popularity of this seemingly magic potion affects several aspects of our lives. Coffee trends evolve season after season and year after year. The current list of available coffee brews and flavors is endless. It doesn’t end there. Who would have thought that coffee would one day have its very own aesthetic? Believe it or not, coffee is a mood. Modern…


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How to Reduce Your Café's Food Prep Time

Do you own a café? Do you want to stop wasting so much time? Do you want your employees to show up close to opening and not have to prep for hours beforehand? Everyone wants fresh. Having good quality fresh ingredients can put your place on the map, but it takes forever to prepare. Below are some options to consider to help make your café more…


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How to Make Sure Your Cafe Kitchen Is Squeaky Clean

Cleanup duties may seem like mundane chore, but they are still an issue of tremendous importance. Restaurants that fail to keep their kitchen and food prep areas squeaky clean could run into any number of problems which they would have done well to avoid. From minimizing labor and overhead costs to avoiding the headaches associated with a health-code…


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4 Iced Coffee Drinks to Include on Your Menu

While a traditional coffee might still be served steaming hot, iced coffee is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. That means it’s long past time you included…


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A Coffee Shop Owners Guide to Manage Scheduling in a Busy Coffee Shop

It would be a coffee shop owner’s dream to have a business that floods in customers on a daily basis. With a well-run coffee shop that’s organised and well equipped to deal with the demand, this is a possibility. One of the major factors behind a successful coffee shop is scheduling correctly to prevent long queues and unhappy customers. It’s important to balance out managing demand whilst not being too overcrowded with your…


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4 Marketing Tips to Take Your Coffee Shop From a Flop to the Top

Running a coffee shop is a great way to establish financial independence and become your own boss. You are basically living the American Dream. If you want to take your American Dream to the next level, you need to get the name of your business out there. Here are some marketing tips that can help take your coffee shop to the next level.



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How to Go From an Empty Lot to a Busy Coffee Shop

Running a small coffee shop can be a dream come true as long as it’s prosperous. Many owners struggle and find themselves looking at an empty shop. Don’t fret, though. There are things you can do to help encourage success. Try these tips to go from an empty lot to a busy coffee shop.

Have a good product

You need coffee that people like…


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5 Ways Your Café Can Stand Out From Local Competition

Making your business stand out can be a challenge especially since there are likely plenty of other restaurants to compete with in your area. With hard work and perseverance, your business can be more successful than you may believe. Instead of letting your café get lost in the crowd, take action by making an honest effort.



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How to Handle High Demand in a Small Coffee Shop

Growth is a good thing for small companies, but business owners must be prepared to scale up if they hope to take advantage of such growth. Such is the case with rapidly-growing coffee shops. To keep up with higher demand, these small coffee shops need to make some quick changes. If this rings true for you and your small coffee shop, read on for the most effective tips to help you survive.…


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How to Make Managing Deliveries at Your Cafe a Cinch

The management of inventory and your deliveries is what is going to aid the success of your restaurant. Another reason that proper oversight is important is for your financial health. Here are some of the ways that you can go about ensuring that your deliveries go smoothly.

Utilize Tracking Systems

Many point of sales or POS systems…


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How to Create a Chill Atmosphere in Your Coffee Shop

If you run a coffee shop, you probably want to turn it into the type of place where people want to hang out, chat and sip coffee or other hot beverages. Right now, you might be happy with the beverages that you serve and other aspects of your coffee shop, but you might not…


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21st Century Updates for a Successful Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are one of the most popular types of businesses today. They are financially rewarding as well as easy to start up and maintain. The trends you set to update your coffee shop with a 21st Century appeal is an important factor in how successful your business venture will be.

Know Your Customer Base

No matter where your coffee…


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5 Clever Coffeehouse Solutions for Shorter Wait Times

Long wait times is an issue that can soon find your customers turning to the competition. From mobile apps that make it easier to place a pick-up order to providing your staff with additional training, there are plenty of ways to speed things up. Shorter wait times mean greater customer satisfaction which can lead to increased sales.



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