5 Coffeehouse Perks That Keep Customers Coming Back

Owning a coffee shop is a great business. There is a large demand for coffee. Of course, there’s also a lot of competition out there. Some of the competition are huge conglomerates with more resources than you. How do you beat them? Well, you develop a strong customer base. You do this by offering useful perks. Here are 5 perks that keep customers coming back.

Boardgames and  books

People need stuff to do while meeting with friends or family at a coffee shop. Try giving them games or books. You could put boardgames out for people to play. You can also put up a “take a book, leave a book” bookcase for the readers who visit your shop. People will stay longer to continue reading or playing a game. During this time, they will likely purchase more coffee or a treat.

Loyalty Program

Customers appreciate appreciation of their loyalty. The patrons who come in and buy from you often deserve a treat for their loyalty. Give people cards or create an app that gives people a free coffee after every five coffees or some similar offer. Be sure the offer is worth it for the customer without costing the store too much.

Lounging Perks

Many people go to a coffee shop to study or work. This is especially true for students or employees who need to get out of the house to concentrate. People may choose to go somewhere else if you don’t offer your customers adequate internet service.  Having a cell phone signal booster and free WiFi for guests will be a big draw for people wanting to lounge. Make it easy to log into, and don’t impose limitations. The longer they stay the more they will order. If you become part of someone’s routine you’ll get a loyal customer


Give customers a reason to come in by hosting various events throughout the week. You can hold board game tournaments, Karaoke, watch parties, open mic nights, comedy shows, and even bands if your shop allows for it. Successful events mean more and more people will be coming in to buy from you. Advertise the events on social media and with posters around town.

High Quality Coffee and Pastries

People will come to your shop if you have the best product in town. Offer high quality product that people love. That’s going to ensure they come back.

Getting customers is important, but keeping customers is even more important. As a coffee shop, you want to develop relationships with customers who come get coffee a couple of times a week or even every day. Use these perks to develop those relationships.

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