Guatemala Antigua
Los Volcanes

No specific story on this offering from Antigua, just a satifying example of an age old classic.

Acid- 7
Body- 8
Texture- Juicy round body with hints of powdery grit, softens in texture as it cools.
Flavor- when ground this coffee smells exceptionally clean, orange and grapefruit acidity, milk chocolate and the expected sweet caramel. No sign of any vegetal notes. Get it wet and it stays that way, clean and chocolately with the acid switching to cherry lemonade instead.
Suprisingly layered for a guatemala, the flavors start with textured dark cocoa similar to a bar of 70% cocoa and a juicy currant undertone. The acid stands up throughout as more cherry than cherry lemonade or grapefruit citrus and does not flop throughout the cup as it cools. An interesting baking spice comes out in the texture, like cinnamon in too high a concentration for toast but just right in a roll. It sits well with the acid and juicy body. The finish has a slightly tannic note almost like an ESB in a barley malt character. That makes it sound dry, it's really not, that's just a subtlety we found that made it interesting.

Available online, at our bars and several of our clients, too.


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