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Brazil Serra Negra

Brazil Serra Negra

Patrocinio, Minas Gerais

Acid: low to medium

Body: medium

Texture: mainly clean and juicy, slight nut skin in middle.

Flavor Profile: the acid profile is juicier and shows more complexity than in some of our previous brazillian offerings. Prototypical sweet orange with just enoughrind to be noticed, coffee cherry and sweet green grape are also present. Hazelnut liquor and dark chocolate follow and sink into a just slightly grainy texture. It’s…


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Colombia Los Cauchos

Colombia Los Cauchos

San Augustino Forest, Huila region

Acid: Medium High

Body: Full

Texture: Sweetened Gingerbeer and cola

Flavor Profile: classic “Diner Coffee” profile. Slightly spicy, very sweet and texturally rooty, with big body and good balance. Almost cherry cola-like, if the cherry wasn’t too over the top. The textural body is similar to Gingerbeer without…


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Kenya Muthunzuuni PB

Kenya Muthunzuuni Peaberry

Machakos District

Acid: high

Body: medium-full

Texture: clean, root beerish

Flavor Profile: cherry jolly rancher, lemon and sweet tomato flavors in the acid. Root beer, fresh pine, cane sugar liquour and dark chocolate in the sugars. Fairly subdued coffee for so much complexity. The acid allows the…


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Ethiopia Sidamo Gedeo

Ethiopia Gedeo

Southern Oromia region, bordering on Sidamo and Guji


Acid: medium

Body: medium-low

Texture: berry juice, powdered candy

Flavor profile: sweet natural process coffee cherry from Sidamo displaying a subtle but prototypical lemon and blueberry aroma both dry and wet.  More layered than other natural yirgacheffe coffees, flavors of peach, raisin, grape,…


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Honduras, Benigno Mejia


Farmed by Benigno Mejia

San Vicente region


Acid: high

Body: medium-full

Texture: mainly clean, juicy, light powder on finish

Flavor Profile: juicy tropical fruit, peach and guava, even tomato jam.  The acid is high and sweet, no hint of tartness, giving it a long mouth-watering finish.  A spicy cinnamon and cayenne pepper mixes into the mid-tone fruits and lingers with a light powder feeling on the finish.

Noteworthy: second…


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Guatemala San Juan Pixcaya

Guatemala, San Juan

Conpecion de Pixcaya

Acid: Medium-high

Body: Medium

Texture: clean and juicy, mouthfeel of apple juice

Flavor Profile: exceptionally balanced in all aspects. From the grind are lime, cherry, caramel and milk chocolate. Once wet the same are found and the cherry enhances. The acidity is a juicy lime and sweet cherry that carries throughout. Deeply carmelized brown cane sugar and soft milk chocolate flavors in a well rounded medium body.… Continue

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El Salvador El Manzano

El Salvador

El Manzano Lot 1

Acid: Medium

Body: Medium plus

Texture: mainly clean and juicy, hints of red apple skin.

Flavor Profile: starting from the grind are scents of juicy plum and

lime acidity. Some cinnamon and cedar or woodspice as well. Once wet

the lime subsides and cherry takes over to blend with the plum. Good

round body full of carmelly brown sugar. Easy drinker for most occasions.

The finish is long and clean with a sweet orange… Continue

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Grade 2

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Grade 2 National Export

Acid: medium

Body: medium-low

Texture: slightly dry and hoppy

Flavor Profile: the  flavor profile of a typical conventionally grown and processed coffee from the region of Yirgacheffe.  Jasmine tea, hints of grapefruit, purple grape juice and floral lilac.  The acid is bright to start then leans slightly dry like an IPA.  Very aromatic and perfumy.  

Noteworthy: this coffee is a conventionally grown and…


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Tanzania Ruvuma AA

New single origin in:


Tanzania Ruvuma AA

from the Mbinga District of Ruvuma


Acid- high

Body- full

Texture- soft, clean and round

Flavor Profile- from the grind is the first release of the intensely aromatic rhubarb acidity with a hard to define spice.  When wet the rhubarb combines with green grape skin and the spice emerges as a smokey sandalwood insense.  Best part is what you smell is what you taste, rhubarb, grape and spicey…


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Brazil Amerello Serrado

Brazil Amerello Serrado

Fazenda Isidro Pereira, Carmo de Minas


Acid: medium-high

Body: medium-full

Texture: clean, sweet and juicy.

Flavor profile:  noticeably juicy and aromatic coffee cherry acidity straight from the grind.  Adding water lets the cedar and cinnamon come out.  The acid is purely sweet, round and exceptionally clean.  It's flavor is from the coffee cherry itself, without the tartness- an excellent example of what Pulped Natural…


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Brazil Chapadao de Ferro, Ruvaldo Delarisse available now

New single origin coffee in from Brazil

From Ruvaldo Delarisse's farm Chapadao de Ferro.


Acid: Low plus

Body: Full

Texture: mainly clean, liquid brown sugar...soft and full.

Flavor Profile: rooty and sweet orange when ground, first notice of thebrown sugar that waits to explode when wet.  The acid is lightly present, justenough to add hints of…


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El Salvador Ayutepeque

El Salvador Ayutepeque

Acid: Medium

Body:… Continue

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Ethiopia Wollondi available

Ethiopia Wollondi, Naturally processed coffee similar in profile to Yirgacheffe
On the map: Wellega, western Ethiopia.

Wollondi is a naturally processed coffee project being cultivated by Ninety Plus Coffees.

Grind- purple fruit, grape candy, lemon, blue and blackberry, melon and carmelized cane sugar.
Wet- honeydew melon, lilac, blueberry, grape, warm sugar.
Body- on…

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Guatemala Huehuetenango Pahlu

Acid- 8
Body- 9
Texture- 8 Clean and milky smooth.
Flavor- nice Huehuetenango Guatemala has simple but unmistakable character and we found this one to be just that. The acid is as juicy as can be without going tart. It arrives immediately and makes the round mouthfeel the focus. Prototypical guatemalan caramel maltiness and flower-petal softness float in the big clean body. Not the most complex of coffees but easy to drink and satisfying. The long clean, juicy finish…

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Tanzania PB Hope Project

This Tanzania Peaberry was sourced thru the Tanzania Hope Project.

Acid- 7
Body- 8
Texture- 9 Dry powder and particulate, peppery.
Flavor- when ground sandalwood and Nag Champa insense, dry aromatic spices and tomato vine smells are present. Once wet the acid becomes semi-penetrating and is very aromatic. The insense character remains and a…

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Colombian Estate Arrival

Two Colombian Estate Coffee Blend.
Narino and Cauca.

Acid- 7
Body- 9
Texture- root beer, effervescent, bubbly.

Flavor- what diner coffee wishes it could be. The classic Colombian profile or "diner coffee" as some call it is on display in a great way. We took two Colombian S.O. Estate coffees that each cupped nicely but were not the full package that we would like to offer as a single origin and combined them. The…

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Fresh Crop Brazil S.O.

Brazil S.O. Fresh crop arrival.
Farmed by Eduardo Macaubus in the Brazilian Highlands, Minas Gerais.

Acid- 6
Body- 7
Texture- cleaner than last years. Like orange juice with a bit of dust from peanut skins.

Flavor- Last years single origin we featured from Marimbondo was all about the hazelnut. This coffee from Eduardo Macaubus follows suit but just not as obviously. The front features a tingle of sweet orange…

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New S.O. from Honduras

From our friends at Atlas comes this lovely Honduras COE competitor, farmed by Orlando Portillo.


Body- 5

Texture- honey, white wine, a little fluffy powder'd sugar

Flavor- Out of the bag smells of raspberries still on the vine. Ground brings out a peach tropical acid, honey sweetness and hints of cinnamon. Very clean aroma. When wet a white wine grape emerges, the honey remains and cayenne pepper replaces the cinnamon. Still very clean on the fragrance. In the… Continue

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New coffee in from Guatemala

Guatemala Antigua

Los Volcanes

No specific story on this offering from Antigua, just a satifying example of an age old classic.

Acid- 7

Body- 8

Texture- Juicy round body with hints of powdery grit, softens in texture as it cools.

Flavor- when ground this coffee smells exceptionally clean, orange and grapefruit acidity, milk chocolate and the expected sweet caramel. No sign of any vegetal notes. Get it wet and it stays that way, clean and chocolately… Continue

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New arrival, Kenya Ruera Peaberry

Uh, what can you say about Kenya that hasn't already been said...

Deeply layered, exotic and satisfying is this lovely peaberry from Kenya. Ruera Estate is in the Thika district near Nairobi at an elevation just under 5000 ft from the usual rich red loam soil, shade grown and both Utz and Cafe Practices certified.

Acid- 7.5

Body- 9

Texture- syrup and buttery yet still juicy and refreshing with a slight grit.

Flavor- on the grind the sweet fruity tomato and… Continue

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