Uh, what can you say about Kenya that hasn't already been said...

Deeply layered, exotic and satisfying is this lovely peaberry from Kenya. Ruera Estate is in the Thika district near Nairobi at an elevation just under 5000 ft from the usual rich red loam soil, shade grown and both Utz and Cafe Practices certified.

Acid- 7.5
Body- 9
Texture- syrup and buttery yet still juicy and refreshing with a slight grit.
Flavor- on the grind the sweet fruity tomato and basil are the most prevalent. Once wet the acid starts off with a tinge of grapefruit quickly emerging sweeter with a meyer lemon vibe. Refreshing green grape and even a scent of spring rain mix in with a sugar caramel. The acid and sugar are linked and stay balanced throughout. Main flavors emerging are the colas (cinnamon, lemon, lime, orange, and the secret ingredient), blackberry tea, licorice (not roasty), very herby, sweet tomato and thai basil and the unexpected coconut in butter. Aftertaste leaves a sweet juicy blueberry, nice and filling.



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Comment by Rachel Bechtel on May 26, 2009 at 9:54am
i tried this the other day at the upper crust bakery. it was great! just as explained above. :)

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