Ethiopia Wollondi, Naturally processed coffee similar in profile to Yirgacheffe
On the map: Wellega, western Ethiopia.

Wollondi is a naturally processed coffee project being cultivated by Ninety Plus Coffees.

Grind- purple fruit, grape candy, lemon, blue and blackberry, melon and carmelized cane sugar.
Wet- honeydew melon, lilac, blueberry, grape, warm sugar.
Body- on the mild end of medium.
Acid- clean and mouthwatering, definition of balance, leans toward apple fruit acid.
Sugar- plenty. see flavor to follow.
Texture- again, clean. apple juice, minimal natural process pasty feeling, honeydew melon juice.
Flavor- sweet, fruity and light. Familiar Yirgacheffe Froot-loop blueberry lemon with a tinge of blackberry. Plenty of carmelizable sugar tasting like cane sugar of african origin (fragrant type). Intriguing honeydew melon taste and mouthfeel. Notable how that characteristic winds up more in your sinus as the smell of honeydew rind...very sweet and refreshing, summery.
Complexity- not overly complex as it stays pretty much the same from hot to cold, great balance yields great cup from start to finish.
Consistant- completely.
Finish- clean, crisp and medium in duration.

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