El Salvador Ayutepeque

Acid: Medium
Body: Full
Texture: mainly clean, juicy, natural process hints.
Flavor Profile: exceptionally balanced and easy drinking coffee.
The acid profile of juicy plum and hints of lemon stays linked with the
warm brown sugar syrup and tamarind flavors. Subtle cola and root
flavors as well. Simple and straightforward coffee with great consistency.
Grown at elevation of 6000 feet, bourbon and catuai cultivars.

Noteworthy: originally purchased as an experimental blend of 70% washed, 30% natural process
coffees from the same farm. Since then has sprung into a relationship with Emilio Lopez. Much
like our situation with Brazil, we will be involved prior to and during harvest to select our coffees
for years to come.

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Comment by Josue Morales on November 8, 2010 at 10:50am
That's one great single origin coffee I've had the opportunity to cup in recent years. The Natural processed coffees from El Salvador are in general very impressive, bright and clean. I sure hope you may enjoy it for many years.

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