Two Colombian Estate Coffee Blend.
Narino and Cauca.

Acid- 7
Body- 9
Texture- root beer, effervescent, bubbly.

Flavor- what diner coffee wishes it could be. The classic Colombian profile or "diner coffee" as some call it is on display in a great way. We took two Colombian S.O. Estate coffees that each cupped nicely but were not the full package that we would like to offer as a single origin and combined them. The Narino has a sweet round acid, lots of lime and tangerine making for a very juicy, mouthwatering cup. Some nice berry flavors from the Narino as well, cherry, blueberry...the sweet juicy kind. The body is super clean but not all. The Cauca on the other hand is all about body and texture. It has a muted lemon acidity, layered spices from cinnamon to tamarind, and a flavor best described simply as root beer. On it's own it is a bit dirty in texture and has the scent reminiscent of a latte that has cooled to room temperature- sweet, milky, nutty, spicy, cocoa, etc. The body on the Cauca is thick and syrupy with nice grit. Put the two together and the strengths are highlighted. Sweet mouthwatering lime acidity, spicy bubbly body, classic diner character with a long refreshing finish.

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