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Tanzania Ruvuma AA

New single origin in:


Tanzania Ruvuma AA

from the Mbinga District of Ruvuma


Acid- high

Body- full

Texture- soft, clean and round

Flavor Profile- from the grind is the first release of the intensely aromatic rhubarb acidity with a hard to define spice.  When wet the rhubarb combines with green grape skin and the spice emerges as a smokey sandalwood insense.  Best part is what you smell is what you taste, rhubarb, grape and spicey…


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Chemex; Iced coffee

So I've been meaning to get myself a yama brewer, but $200 is just a bit out of reach these days so I wanted to try something different.  I took my chemex 6 cup with a paper filter, 25 grams to 400 grams water (I usually dose 28 but wanted to mess with it). Pre-wet the filter then put it into a bucket full of ice and let it cool down instead of pre-heat.  poured the water with 195-197 degrees.  Let it settle and cool down to ice cold for about 30 minutes and served it.  It was delicious!! … Continue

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When pressure builds something blows...Frustrations and tempers

I'm a salary based manager at the shop I run. We've been open since February of this year. I was informed a week ago that my salary is based on a 60 hour work week. I've been pulling about 98 since we've opened. The agreement I had with my immediate boss (the managing partner) was $1,800 a month after deductions. The partner who owns 51% of the business is paying me $1,536.30. I've obviously been shafted. At first, I was understanding about the whole deal because it IS a start-up and the…


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The Steam Boiler

Well it took a lot of bending and I had to drill a few holes to make the new Steam Boiler fit


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the bad wiring

One of the main issues is that the original owner kept destroying CPUs' (he killed 2, they are like $800 each).  I'm not taking chances with the wiring.  Good thing I have the wiring schematic memorized!!


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Step 2 - throw away the old steam boiler


They don't make them like that any more!!!  But wait what is in the long box?


Its a brand new steam boiler!!!! (I know, only techs would get excited about…


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Another PIC

Now that's clean

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Marzocco Rebuild

Day One - Tear the unit completely apart and clean

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Great Customer Service At Zoka

This past Sunday I went to Vivace downtown to pick up a bag of beans.  I needed them ground as I was traveling and did not want to bring my grinder with me. I was told by the Barista there that they DO NOT grind coffee for customers. In amazement I asked why not? She replied,  "It is not as fresh and this was the company policy."  I could not help but laugh as I noticed a line up of flavored syrups just behind her.  So adding artificial flavors is improving the flavor in the cup?! Of course…


Added by Dawn Pinaud on May 17, 2011 at 9:17am — 4 Comments

Coffee Shop Opelika

So I am so excited, because financing has been approved on the buildout of a historical building that we are going to put an amazing coffee shop in.  We have an excellent team of people from design, business, bakery, atmosphere, coffee & great morale and character among all the team.  Get ready Opelika, AL for some excellent quality and a hyper cool atmosphere!

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What are you: espresso bar or coffee shop?

I run an espresso bar.  No drip.  No single serve pour-over.  We do serve S.O. french press that we brew up as needed in 1.5 litre pots.  This position is not to dis pour-over styles or say they're wrong rather it's to say that our shop serves espresso first and foremost.

Convince me that I'm wrong.  Convince me that espresso bars should deviate from their core (the core that has paid the bills for the past however-many-years) and delve into something new and time-consuming...And…


Added by Stickman on May 12, 2011 at 8:20am — 4 Comments

Be careful using tryer!

When roasting dry processed Ethiopias be careful using the tryer during 1st crack, don't inhale too deeply or you'll be snorting hot chaff! :)



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