Productivity Tips For Restaurant Owners Using Silverware

There are tons of ways to lose money in the restaurant business, so Staying on top of food, labor, flatware, and other costs is essential if you want to stay in business and remain profitable. While managing food and labor costs is relatively simple, tracking silverware loss can be challenging and frustrating.

Many restaurants have to replace silverware every six months or less, which can hurt your bottom line, but with diligence, you can keep the loss of silverware to a minimum. Here are a few productivity tips for restaurant owners using silverware.

Clean Tables as Quickly as Possible

Having your servers remove plates, cups, and silverware as soon as your guests are finished dining will help prevent these items from being accidentally discarded or stolen, and it makes it much faster to turn your tables for better and faster service for waiting guests.

Separate Silverware From Other Dishes

Separating silverware from other dishes before, during, and after the washing process is essential. One way to maintain organization in the kitchen is by using stainless steel commercial dish tables in your dish room.

Companies like Ultimate Restaurant Equipment, for example, will help your kitchen, prep, and dish areas be organized with suitable stainless steel dish tables that fit the needs of your restaurant and dish area. Employees can separate silverware from other dishes with the proper dish tables to prevent them from being lost or damaged in garbage disposals and trash cans.

Watch for Theft

Theft is a big concern for any restaurant owner. Not only do you have to take measures to ensure food products don't fall victim to theft, but dishes and silverware also fall victim to theft from employees and your guests as well, especially if you have high-end flatware and dishware. An excellent way to prevent theft is to install cameras in your kitchen, bar, and dumpster areas to prevent thefts of food, dishes, flatware, and other items.

Invest in Magnetic Trash Chutes and Lids

When your restaurant is busy, flatware can end up in the trash. Investing in magnetic garbage can lids and chutes can significantly reduce the loss of expensive flatware by catching it on the top and sides before it falls to the bottom of trash cans, eliminating the need for costly replacements. Magnetic trash lids and chutes will also catch other small metal wares, which will help reduce waste and lower costs.

Taking a proactive approach when running and managing your restaurant business is essential. Investing in the right equipment and putting good business practices in place for your employees will save money and keep your restaurant profitable.

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