Summer Specials for Your Cafe That'll Bring in New Customers

Regardless of the time of the year, diners often look for meals and drinks that fit with the season. Summer offers a unique opportunity to potentially please the palates of more patrons as your eatery may have more traffic with both students and teachers off from school. Add some specials to your menu for additional pizazz.

Weeknight Deals

After dinner during the week, many couples and families decide to go for strolls in the summer months. Consider offering a two-for-one deal on sweet treats once dinner time ends. Another option, to encourage customers to continue dining out during the hot season, is to offer family meal specials one day per week. Depending upon the type of eatery you own, you could make a themed menu.

New Sandwiches

Consider the activities that people love in the summer. People often go to the beach, playground, park, or other outdoor location that allows visitors to bring in food. Therefore, plenty of diners are looking for sandwiches to pack in coolers or to eat on the go.

Unique Ingredients

Adding unique ingredients such as special bread. Making your sandwiches with delicious kaiser buns to the menu can make a big difference. Opt for seasonal flavors for an extra special touch such as pumpkin spice in the fall. Don't forget about options that kids like as well.

Cold Beverages

No matter the time of day, plenty of customers are likely looking for cold beverages in the summer. Whether these individuals want an iced coffee on their way to work or a cold lemonade after a long day at the beach, your eatery can serve this need. You might start up a line of frozen and iced beverages. Be sure to provide to-go cups. Doing so can increase the number of customers who stop by to purchase a quick drink.

Local Produce

Incorporating locally grown produce into your menu offerings can attract new target audience members. Depending upon the location and abilities of your cafe, you might even be able to use ingredients that your business grows independently. Some diners are specifically looking to eat at cafes that use this approach, so make sure to advertise the source of the produce used in the menu items.

Summer is a time of rebirth and growth in so many ways. People set new goals for themselves to achieve by the end of the season and rekindle relationships that might have fallen flat during the rest of the year. You can also feel motivated to add new menu items to your cafe to bring in more customers.

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