This past Sunday I went to Vivace downtown to pick up a bag of beans.  I needed them ground as I was traveling and did not want to bring my grinder with me. I was told by the Barista there that they DO NOT grind coffee for customers. In amazement I asked why not? She replied,  "It is not as fresh and this was the company policy."  I could not help but laugh as I noticed a line up of flavored syrups just behind her.  So adding artificial flavors is improving the flavor in the cup?! Of course I know that it is best to grind fresh beans in a grinder, but sometimes we just need it ground for us. What awful Customer Service this is. This is not the Barista's fault, however, she was following company policy.


I then met a friend for lunch near the Amazon building and noticed a Zoka coffee bar there. I immediately decided to see how they would handle the situation.  I asked Kelsey K., the Barista at the POS, if she could grind me a bag of beans.  She said no problem and proceeded to grind it for my French Press in the Mahlkonig grinder behind her.  I then told her my story about Zoka and she was in as much shock as I was.  Her first response was to tell me that their grinders are much better than a typical blade grinder that we use at home.  My response was EXACTLY!   Now, I have to say Kelsey knows her stuff big time and she gave me Exceptional Customer Service.   We both had a long conversation about it and still can't figure out why a policy like this exists.  It truly is a shame because I like Vivace coffee very much.  


Anyone have a similar experience in other coffee bars?  I'd love a conversation about this.   Dawn



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Comment by Dawn Pinaud on May 17, 2011 at 11:29am
I have been in the coffee business for 25 yrs now and would never turn-off customers in this way. It's a shame really.  Thanks for you input.
Comment by Jason Haeger on May 17, 2011 at 10:32am

I'd hope that when you open a business you don't allow your policies to be set by the few disgruntled customers who wonder in.  


I can see your point.  Really, I can.  I can also see Vivace's.  When push comes to shove, their business and their policies are not really up to the customer.  


I would suggest doing what was done: find someone who will do what you want.  No need for disgruntled posting.  It's not bad service.  It's just not convenient for everyone.

Comment by Dawn Pinaud on May 17, 2011 at 9:26am
It is not a perfect world and when people can't afford a grinder, or in my case I was traveling I am willing to enjoy less aromatics and still have my cup of coffee. We get it, but we don't need companies deciding for us how to enjoy our coffee. Most people brew coffee at home with tap water, cheap coffee makers etc etc. We can at least educate the best we can but still provide them what they want.  Why not this is just plain silly.
Comment by Jason Haeger on May 17, 2011 at 9:20am
I wonder.  Do you think it's better to have an inconsistent grind with all aromatics in tact or is it better to have a very consistent grind with almost no aromatics left?

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