I have been wanting to just travel to some coffee farm that is safe and other fun things to do. Learn about the process and see the coffee plant first hand (besides looking at my potted ones on my shelf). I also wanted to make a group trip out of it, that way everyone learns alot. I think here at the 'Exchange' we could get a nice group together and make something great of it.

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Hey Guys: I jsut made it to Guatemala, the weather is beautiful and I wanted to share the experience with you guys, to know more about the magic of Antigua Guatemala please visit www.antiguaguatemala.info You will see the site in spanish and if u scroll down the information will be in english as well.

Let me share something, as a Guatemalan many times I take things for granted but when I go to Antigua it is an amazing experience, the magic, the history and the culture. It is always a new visit for me. Not only that, but to experience the coffee tradition of the place as well, the plantation is 8 minutes from town so you can have both experiences all together.
In addition to Pablo in Guatemala, and the others who have posted that are coffee producers, you may want to send a message to Mabel who lives in Heredia, Costa Rica. She is very connected with coffee producers in Costa, as well as has her own small farm. We have already started planning an origin trip for a couple bX'ers to go see her later this year.

- Matt
Count me in! I would love to go on an origin trip, but have no idea where to start organizing.
Please come visit me in Mindo, Ecuador! Mindo is not only a great place to spend a vacation but there is also a coffee plantation with a processing site. They also have a nursery for coffee plants and give free tours. I have a coffee shop and my own farm where I have 100 new coffee plants and lots of other organic fruits and vegetables. I would love to host a group and i can help with organizing the trip. Mindo has many large waterfalls, #1 in the world for largest number of bird species, butterfly farms/houses, it is surrounded by a large protected cloudforest. It is a popular destination for travelers. I just bought a large roaster so we could roast too! I worked as an interpreter before retiring, so I can translate for anyone who does not speak Spanish.
Hey Guys, Kafes Guatemala is ready to really help you LIVE THE EXPERIENCE

check this out please


have an awesome day and I hope I can help you guys learn more about te ART of harvesting and growing coffee indeed.

I can talk to my roaster. He has a fairly tight relationship with the farmers. You know what I would like to see? Animal coffee at work!
This year is "Visit Indonesia" Year. To be honest, it would be really great to see more coffee proffessionals visiting here. Granted getting here from the US requires some leg work, and the press Indonesia receives is not always that flash. I have been here 10 years, and I have had a great time and never found myself in any really dangerous situation. The US government last week pulled the travel warning that has been in place since 2002. Anyone interested I am more than happy to help out with itineries, hotels, internal transport arrangements and of course pointing people in the right direction coffee grower wise. I still get a huge buzz about being here- and I would be overjoyed if some of this magic could be passed to visitors
Wow that would be awesome. Where are you thinking about going to? At Starbucks we have to be a shift Supervisor or a store coffee master to even have the chance to do that. I don't have a passport just yet but hay I am so into that. Oh and by the way...that tattoo is totally cool!
I'm in!-terested. Keep me posted. South America?
Hi folks,

I'm from Brazil (more specifically from Sao Paulo) and I think I can help anybody who wanted to come and see the Brazilian Plantations.

Feel free to count on me...
Dominican Republic: I'm a farmer in the DR and a barista here in Atlanta. I will be there for the harvest (Sept - Nov) and I'm planning a coffee tour of my farm. The trip should be sometime in October and we will be processing wet, dry, and pulp-natural, so you could see it all. If you are interested shoot me a message. BTW this is high altitude quality coffee! Young Tree Coffee

If you are on the East Coast, air fare is quite affordable.
Any time- if you are coming over this way give me a yell!

Aaron said:
I'd love to visit Indonesia, particularly Sumatra.

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