What an amazing weekend! I just got back last night from the Coffee Fest Seattle, where it was so great to meet up with friends and to meet so many of my "friends" here on bX in person. :)

I will be uploading more pictures in the next day or so but I wanted to take a moment to express how happy I am for my friend, and past American Barista & Coffee School gradute, Hiroshi Sawada of Caffe Milkart, Tokyo, Japan, who won first place in the Millrock Latte Art Competition. Hiroshi has been competing in at every Coffee Fest for the past few years and finally came thru with the winning pour. He is the sweetest guy ever and is a great ambassador for the coffee industry.

After winning, Hiroshi donated his $5000 prize directly to Coffee Kids. His generosity, dedication and love for the industry is something we can all learn from.

Congratulations Hiroshi!

- Matt

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Where's the pictures of the winning pour?
Holy crap!

That's amazing! Not only is Hiroshi super-nice and now a proven badass-latte-artist, but now a barista-philanthropist? BADASS! Unprecedentedly-badass!!!

But then again... $5000 USD is worth like $18.26 in Japan. ;-)

Congrats to Hiroshi!!!
jay at dillanos is going to send the photos from the event soon ... I'll get them up here asap! His pour was an insane triple rosetta, one large centered one, with two smaller ones. Excellent!
Hey all,

Heck yeah! Matt is right. It was a great competition. As always, the competitors were so supportive and encouraging to each other. That is soooo awesome to see!

And how about the finals?? It was so exciting to have a tie for second place that led to a one drink pour-off between Julian Trigg and William Kevin Emmons. AND THEN, their tiebreaker drinks TIED!!! So, yet another single drink pour off gave William Kevin Emmons 2nd place and Jullian Trigg 3rd.

I will be working with Matt to get the slides of the Top Ten posted here for all to see. Perhaps all competitors...

I want to thank all of the judges andcompetitors for a fun weekend and Joshua and I hope to see you all again in Chicago! (or Hong Kong!!??)

-Jay Lijewski---TacomaPenna
and Joshua Boyt
(the guys behind the cameras)
Congratulations on winning the competition. And from all of us at Coffee Kids, a hearty salute goes to Hiroshi for the generous contribution!

Take care and pour on!
Hiroshi Rocks!!!!
Inspiring for sure!

First Place...

Second Place...

Third Place...
Hey there,

I will try to get better quality pics up later... when I figure out how to take Powerpoint slides and turn them into high res jpegs. Also, I will post the rest of the top ten as soon as I can verify the order.

love ya long time...

-Jay (TacomaPenna)
What a great winner and more than well deserving of it. Beautiful pour and a generous heart too! You are definitely the champion in more ways than one Hiroshi!

wish I could follow Coffee Fest all over but I guess I'll have to wait until next September when it comes to seattle again. I will never forget this experience!

Congratulations to all the winners and competitors for even making it in. What an awesome time. See ya next year Millrock!

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