November 2019 Blog Posts (10)

How to Handle High Demand in a Small Coffee Shop

Growth is a good thing for small companies, but business owners must be prepared to scale up if they hope to take advantage of such growth. Such is the case with rapidly-growing coffee shops. To keep up with higher demand, these small coffee shops need to make some quick changes. If this rings true for you and your small coffee shop, read on for the most effective tips to help you survive.…


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How to Make Managing Deliveries at Your Cafe a Cinch

The management of inventory and your deliveries is what is going to aid the success of your restaurant. Another reason that proper oversight is important is for your financial health. Here are some of the ways that you can go about ensuring that your deliveries go smoothly.

Utilize Tracking Systems

Many point of sales or POS systems…


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How to Create a Chill Atmosphere in Your Coffee Shop

If you run a coffee shop, you probably want to turn it into the type of place where people want to hang out, chat and sip coffee or other hot beverages. Right now, you might be happy with the beverages that you serve and other aspects of your coffee shop, but you might not…


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21st Century Updates for a Successful Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are one of the most popular types of businesses today. They are financially rewarding as well as easy to start up and maintain. The trends you set to update your coffee shop with a 21st Century appeal is an important factor in how successful your business venture will be.

Know Your Customer Base

No matter where your coffee…


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5 Clever Coffeehouse Solutions for Shorter Wait Times

Long wait times is an issue that can soon find your customers turning to the competition. From mobile apps that make it easier to place a pick-up order to providing your staff with additional training, there are plenty of ways to speed things up. Shorter wait times mean greater customer satisfaction which can lead to increased sales.



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Coffee Machine Setup for future Cafe Business Owners

The position of your Coffee Machine can make or break your business....

Coffee Machine Setup - New Cafe and Restaurant Business Owners

A good blog read for…


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5 Coffeehouse Perks That Keep Customers Coming Back

Owning a coffee shop is a great business. There is a large demand for coffee. Of course, there’s also a lot of competition out there. Some of the competition are huge conglomerates with more resources than you. How do you beat them? Well, you develop a strong customer base. You do this by offering useful perks. Here are 5 perks that keep…


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5 stand out interior design tips for your cafe business

As a budding entrepreneur who dreams of their coffee shop becoming as big as a Starbucks or Costa Coffee, you’ll be keen to get every single detail of your business correct. You would have had ideas and inspiration flowing through your head as you look to piece them altogether, but bringing your dreams into a reality can prove difficult and often enough, a lack of planning and structure can result in disaster for your new cafe.…


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4 Ways to Update Your Cafe With a New and Modern Look

Being in the café business means that you need to stay current in order to keep attracting customers. How you go about changing your look will depend on how long it has been since you last upgraded. Here are some ideas that you can use to get you going with creating a more modern café experience.

Improve Your Lighting

Lighting is…


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