How to Make Managing Deliveries at Your Cafe a Cinch

The management of inventory and your deliveries is what is going to aid the success of your restaurant. Another reason that proper oversight is important is for your financial health. Here are some of the ways that you can go about ensuring that your deliveries go smoothly.

Utilize Tracking Systems

Many point of sales or POS systems include a feature which allows you to keep track of your inventory. This will eliminate the amount of time that you need to spend reconciling your physical counts with how much you need to reorder. A second part of this system is to implement how your supplies are put away and stored. For example, your oldest items should be used first before you start using the items that have just arrived.

Create a Schedule

Your deliveries should be scheduled in such a manner as to minimize the impact on the rest of your business. This could mean that you either schedule them before you open or after you close for the day. Another thing to take into account is how many staff that you need on site in order to handle your incoming deliveries. It’s to your benefit to have enough staff present who will be able to put things away so that your supplies aren’t in the way of operations.

Invest in Resources

The resources that you have at your café can impact your ability to receive your supplies. For example, using a dock leveler for deliveries would cut down on the amount of time that it takes to receive them. This would enable you to use your resources in a more efficient manner. A pallet loader or handcart would also help you to get the boxes and pallets into their correct locations so that your employees can continue with their regular duties.

Reduce Waste Areas

The quantity at which you need to reorder things depends on the amount of waste that your café generates. In order to be more efficient, you need to employ strategies that work to reduce waste. For example, your special could feature food items that are about to expire. Using fewer single use items also works to reduce the amount of supplies that you need to order. The less that needs to be delivered means that you have more time to focus on running your business.

The management of deliveries is a multipronged approach. Taking these tips into account will enable you to achieve greater flow when it comes to your delivery needs and scheduling.

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