Are the benefits of joining the Roasters Guild worth the cost?


I'd like to hear any experiences those on the guild have to share.

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I don't have an answer, but as a prospective Roasters Guild joiner I'd like to know too.
Ditto!  Is the current forum closed or open to the public?

no answers yet... Come on!! I want to know, too!

I am not a member but I intend to join. I have what I consider to be a substantial amount of experience dealing with the SCAA Barista Guild and some of its members in the South East United States. I can say with total sincerity that the guys who make up that group are among- no- they are the core, most dedicated baristi I've ever met.


I'd bet the same is true of Roaster's Guild members. The knowledge that BGA members contain and share is invaluable.

oo! me too! i want to know!
Why not state what you would be looking for from the RG to make it worth it to you?
ooh. totally just learned the plural of barista. :)

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