I was talking to a customer yesterday about teas. Somehow we started talking about Rooibos. I pronounce it Roy bus. She said, "oh that's how you say it. I heard it called differently" Which she couldn't remember how it was pronounced. So anybody know the correct way to pronounce Rooibos and Pu-erh tea?

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...wikipedia says Rooibos, (pronounced /ˈrɔɪbɒs/, like "roy-boss").... but i've always said roo-e-bos? or... i just try to say it really fast and cover my mouth with a fake cough at the same time.
Haha...Touche! I like your method. I don't really care how people say something....it just irks me when people have to be snotty about it and correct someone on how to pronounce a word.
I have heard Pu-erh: "Poo-Air" or "Poo-eurh"
I think its "Roohboarse" (phonetics). I have some Afrikaner friends who pronounce it this way.
in the name of phonetics, i say roy-bus and poo-air.
i have heard a customer call it rendezvous before...
ha ha ha in the name of mispronunciation...i had a customer call it rub-yas.
"can i get a cup of rub-yas."
I think we have a winner =P I'll have to remember that one.

Mallory said:
ha ha ha in the name of mispronunciation...i had a customer call it rub-yas.
"can i get a cup of rub-yas."
I have heard "roy-bose" or, "roy-boss"
'Round dees perts, we come to be sayin' roo-ee-bos...
roy-boss and poo-air (hehe) it is!
My favorite so far has been calling mate "matey", as in "I'd like a cup of matey."

I can't even look at it without "yaaarrr!"ing.

I worked in a tea store, and was the only employee who could pronounce gyokuro, vithanakande, rooibos, and so on. I don't care whether customers can say it or not (and only offer my versions if they ask), but man, if you WORK there and serve the stuff, you should at least be approximately in the range of good pronunciation. I don't mean baristas who only dealt with it once or twice a day, though - these were people who worked on commission and should've known this stuff frontwards and backwards.

Also, can we all agree pu-erh is the most unfortunately named tea around?

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