Lately I've been making drinks that are half latte and half americano. My customers love it because they can really taste the coffee yet have the richness of a latte AND it's lower in calories, which some of my customers like. I'd really like to add it as a regular on my menu.


I was first introduced to this drink in Spokane, WA and they called it a diet latte. I don't like that name. Is there a real name for this drink? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a name?


Thanks and much appreciated.


Jo  :-}

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Order a Café au Lait in Montreal at 99% of cafés and you'll get espresso and steamed milk. Italian terminology and it's american adaptation (Caffè Latte, Latte) do not have a monopoly on espresso beverages.
Everywhere i've had (AWFUL) coffee in France it's been espresso based as well. How Café au Lait become filter coffee and steamed milk in american coffeehouses is kind of a mystery to me.
Andrew Thom said:
i have seen au lait used in montreal houses...which well, is quite suiting to the area.
I would just go with Americano Latte since thats what it is, americano with milk. Just like a Caffe Latte. Granted to really go with the same flow it would be Americano Latte & Espresso Latte to distinguish the difference but you get the jist.
I like Americano Latte, for the traditional sense of the words, but regardless of the improper usage of language, 'Americano Misto' is pretty common through out everywhere because of the big green giant. I always find that customers generally get a little annoyed with a barista who tells them how to order.

Then again, that's Vancouver for you... just a step over the border from Seattle, the place where Sbux all began, so maybe we're just oversaturated.
Some of my regulars order this and I've recently taken to calling it an "Americanaulait". I know the spelling is awkward, but it just rolls off the tongue.
I'm with James... Americanaulait sounds cool!
The fancy American - Or you could take a fix on the "to do" nature of this drink. Essentially it's an espresso version of what most do to their drips (add milk and sweetness). So, you could call it, "To the Nines" or some such thing. Or to be even more insulting, you could call it, "High Maintenence" as it is two drinks (custom). "The Gentleman's Joe" sounds like it could contain alcohol. See the thing is, saying "mist" kind of takes away the espresso-ness. But that's my opinion. We wouldn't want to be copying the same company that screwed up "macchiato" for everybody else either.
Caffè Illuminato —brightened coffee. Sounds cool.

Edit: my knee-jerk reaction 30-seconds after posting that is that it sounds silly. I'm a bit slap-happy.
I had also thought: a Continental. I kind of like the idea of ordering a Continental... a fancier Americano.

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