Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Brazil Daterra Bruzzi just before the second crack. Good body low acidity, slight dryness that mellows into a caramel and chocolatey sweetness. From White Rock Coffee.
Stumptown, Stump town, and more Stumptown.

Haribender, Panama E., Biloya, Guatemala Finca El Injerto, and Nicaragua Los Delirios....ect.

All so so so good. Great Night.
This morning my wife and I are enjoying a Kenya AA Giakanja Coop Coffee Mill from Sweet Maria's that I roasted yesterday on my Gene Cafe to FC.
Dilworth Coffee Reserve Coffee Rwanda Bufcafe. It's the Pearl Project coffee, and it is very nice. Not like a traditional African at all. More like an Indonesian. Syrupy and rich, tastes like dark, juicy plums.
I am enjoying a Bolivan coffee that I roasted myself, which was purchased through the Green Coffee CoOp. I took one batch into the second crack, and one right before. I found different forums that stated the Boliv's have some backends of white chocolate and dried grapes. So far I only got a little bit of the dried grapes on the finish and that was on the right before the second. The one into was too roastey.
Are you "dining" at home on S-town or at a cafe? I've been troubled by the Clover preps of Biloya, Hache, & Tega/Tula at the Ace. Annex Biloya and Kiliminjaro a tad better. Not sure why but reaffirms my feelings about overhyped Clover. The coffee should first remind you of coffee, my rule.
This morning it is cold, and very windy in southern NJ. We changed the clocks for daylight saving time - also known as the governmental conspiracy against parents with small children!!!

So am drinking a very big and bold Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1 - Double Picked. Sweet, rich , full body bordering on syrupy, smokey finish with a lush aroma.
This morning I had a cup of Dolce Mora a light roast with with complex flavors of cocoa and blackberries.
Daterra Reserve Espresso and La Minita.

Good times.
On a somewhat stressful start to the week, I'm delighted to be drinking a very delicious Nicaragua from last year's cup of excellence. It's roasted by Kaldi's in St. Louis and from Cooperative Luis Alberto Vasquez. It is ridiculously and beautifully sweet.

Best wishes,

Please forgive any small typos caused by the necessity of using voice dictation.
Im drinking an amazing capp of Barefoot Coffee Roasters Shameless Promotion Blend
Fair enough. I suppose this thread could be interpreted as shameless promotion, but that's kind of a shame. Personally, I just like to hear about interesting things out there and it is a site for coffee enthusiasts as much as for professionals. Many of us contributing aren't roasters (and I don't even sell coffee to the roasting Co. I just mentioned as an FYI), so we're just mentioning great things we're tasting.

I suppose I've considered that comments on this thread might be considered too self-promoting, though, and I actually made a choice last week not to mention a client's coffee that I sold them, which was roasted really well and tasted fabulous. That's probably too bad that I felt I couldn't mention it, though. It was really nice. . . .

Best wishes,

Please forgive any small typos caused by the necessity of using voice dictation.

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