Trying to find a blender that will be good for smoothies and frappes but on a small scale. Vitamix 3600???? 4500??? Not trying to spend more than 400$!!! What about Blendtec??? Let me know what you guys think and thanks to everyone who responded to the smoothie post!!!

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i have always used a vita mix 2 speed drink machine at our locations. we have probably 10 of them in use, and they are a work horse. the drive sockets and motors can all be replaced by anyone with a screwdriver and some elbow grease, and they will make drink after drink after drink.
I concur; the vita mix drink machine mp is your best bang for the buck. You can find them for under $400.00 pretty much everywhere, and if purchased from a distributor you can normally get a free case of smoothie/frappe mix too.
Isn't the Blentec Q series quieter then the Vita mix?
Vita mix is way better than Blend-tec!
vitamix 2 speed. ~$400 with a bunch of free product depending on who you buy from.
We also like the Vitamix. It is a solid workhorse, good reputation with spareparts readily available. We actually went cheaper the first time we opened a store and were replacing 3-4 sets of blades a MONTH!!! Learnt our lesson, even with blender systems cheap is cheap for a reason :(
I haven't used a blentec enought to know how reliable they are, but they do create a better vortex than a vita-mix
If you're on a very TIGHT budget, you could use a $60 Osterizer blender. We started with a couple of these. They blend just as well as a $400 Vitamix. No kidding. The problem is that you have to babysit them. No timeres. You have to stay with the blender until the drink's done. They have never burnt out on us, while our Vitamixes *have* both been damaged, costing $150 each in repairs to the pitcher and drive shaft. If your Osterizer burns out, get another for just $60.

I have also used Blendtec, but I prefere the Vitamix.

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