5 People You Want to Have on Call When Opening Your Cafe

Running a café requires more forethought and planning than people may realize. While acquiring essential furniture and equipment for the café are your top priorities, it’s also essential to acquire a list of trusted service professionals whom you can call upon when your café experiences a technical issue.


Although most people associate a café with comfortable booths, cozy tables, and warm cups of coffee, a successful café will also have bathrooms for their customers, sinks to wash dishes, and floor drains behind the counter for large spills. The likelihood of your plumbing and drainage systems malfunctioning during the lifetime of your café are high considering the amount of customer traffic and usage they will receive. When one of your plumbing or drainage systems malfunctions, you’ll want to have a plumber on call to service any emergency repairs.


Your café will require a lot of electricity to function properly whether it’s the light fixtures, cash registers, computer system, or the myriad of coffee processing and brewing equipment required to create your café’s gourmet drinks. While hiring a reputable contractor can reduce the chance of an electrical malfunction, other factors such as weather and power surges could pose a threat to your electrical system. A licensed and bonded electrician should always be on call for your café should an electrical emergency occur.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repairman

Your coffee processing and brewing equipment have the most important jobs in your entire café. Continual daily use of your espresso machines, blenders, mixers, and industrial toaster ovens will eventually lead to wear and tear of these items that will result in a reduction or loss of functionality. When an espresso machine breaks down or one of your blenders stops working, you’ll want to have a professional commercial kitchen equipment repairman on call to get your café up and running again.

Pest Control Specialist

No matter how clean you keep your kitchen, there will always be the chance for pests to find their way into your café. Pest infestations can take the form of ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and other undesirable insects. Depending on your state’s health code regulations, a visit from a pest control specialist could be required by law to occur a specific amount of times per year. Keep a licensed pest control specialist on call for your yearly pest control service requirements.

Commercial Window & Repair Specialist

Through unfortunate circumstances, the windows of your café can become cracked, damaged, or broken. This shouldn’t be an issue you have often, but when one or more of your storefront windows need to be replaced or repaired, you will want a commercial window and repair specialist on call to expedite the repair or replacement process.

Organizing so much information can be tedious, so be sure to create a detailed list of all names, numbers, addresses, and contacts available for each professional service that you keep on call.

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