I'm going to Kansas City this Sunday with a friend. Any shops that you highly recommend? I'm looking to get highly caffeinated so that I'm wired on the drive back to Iowa. Thanks.

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The Roasterie. I don't know a lot about there cafe, but they have a pretty good roasting set up. Biggest Air roaster in the country I think. Bring in some good coffee's. From what I know that is your best option.
The Roasterie is best in town for sure. The cafe is in a nice area to just walk around in too. They have a huge clover menu and the pulled me a great shot the other week when I was up there. Broadway is a pretty well known shop up there. They are okay. No one there seemed to know much about the blends they were using for their espresso which was disappointing. They pulled an okay shot but it gets a lot of buzz with the locals so it's worth checking out to decide for yourself. There is a shop in the Plaza area called Latte Land that uses Kaldi's. They are pretty good as well. A couple I did not get a chance to check out while I was there are Espresso Dell' Anatra and Black Dog. Hands down though The Roasterie is the best shop in KC.
Great. I guess I'm hanging around the Plaza. Looks like The Roasterie isn't too far from there.
Broadway cafe in Westport FOR SURE.
I second Broadway and the Roasterie as the big players. I've heard Bennetis (check spelling on that) in Raytown is good too.
Hands down. too bad you're not heading to Topeka, then you could check out PT's. Broadway has been rockin the scene for a long time. Roasterie is pretty good. Dell'Anatra is no longer and Latte Land is not too bad.
if you're heading towards the market, you may want to check out the KC Market Coffeehouse
There's the Roasterie's roastery and headquarters downtown -- and I think they have a cafe there -- but I personally love the Roasterie Cafe on Brookside, which is south of the Plaza just north of 63rd Street. I'm a fan. They have a Clover machine and they tend to be packed with local folks on the weekends. It's a great atmosphere with coffee.
Just remembered there's a small local shop called Hattie's in a quaint shopping center in Prairie Village, and they roast their own beans. I went there once with a friend.

4195 Somerset Drive, Prairie Village KS 66208
Looks like their website is under construction, but their placeholder page say they're open from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Sundays.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!! I ended up going to Latte Land at the Plaza. I ordered a small latte with 2 shots. Lady who made it for me did an ok job...nice attempt at a rosetta. She could have use a little more practice/training on frothing milk and soy milk. My buddy ordered a white mocha and the guy that made it for him new what he was doing. Tasted great and nice tulip pattern too.

After walking around and window shopping, we went to The Roasterie. AWESOME SUGGESTION!!!! Not only did they know what they were doing, they weren't pricks either (sometimes other baristas have a little attitude when they find out you're a barista too). I tried 3 of the coffees made from the clover....my first time. All were very delicious. My last drink for the road I had a double ristretto....executed perfectly too.

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