What up y'all (where yat) to all my SNOBS. So Bob Arcenaux and I have made it to anaheim, ( it looks like houston, which looks like dallas, which looks like Metarie( sorry Baby) , the only differnce is it's got hills. I wasn't that scared on the flight which is awesome because i'm not a fan of flying . Next year in houston will be great. not a bad drive .


I know I shouldn't be as starstruck as I am, but seeing some of the biggest names in the game: Lem Butler , Gwilym Davies, Heather Perry ( with brown hair), Stephan Morrisey, just to name a few, out in real life and not on the coverof a Barista Mag is mighty cool. I hope i might get a chance to holla at them over the weekend.

Hey Barista Mag how come you didn't do a wrap up of the SCRBC, shame on you. I hope some of my redheaded bretheren from the forgotten region do something to make you remember us. Looking forward to the Inteligestia Party on friday.. i'll check back in.

Thanks Coffee Roasters of New Orleans, Orleans Coffee Exchange, and Society of New Orleans Baristas, for sending me out here to get more certifications,and to do some schmoozing.

By the way I only put caps on things I respect or appreciate.

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