It was cold outside this morning, and I didn't approve.Had it been hot in the N.O. I would have been okay with it. Whatever, the morning is starting of the right way. A banana , cigarettes and Some Rawandan from Bardorf and Bronson. Allright, let's get started.One of my roomates here at the Locust House , Jonathan Meadows of White Rock Coffee in, dallas tx. along with Lorenzo Prekins of Cafe Medici in Austin are here representing the SCRBC.Ya, South Central. We will be respected.

Next year we should bring a Junior out to houston, or maybe another machine by CIMBALI like the CasaDio. The floor opens soon, I'm pretty excited about it.

So it's later, took two classes today; Grind Dose Tamp, Extract and Comparitive cupping. both are required to get my Level 2 certification. I got alot out of the GDT and Ex class, it's great to be in a controlled enviroment working with other people to really undertsand how these variables can effect the taste. I'm not saying I didn't get anything out of the Cupping , but with cupping it has to be something you do on a consistent basis.Eldon and I will spend alot more time together. It was nice to be able to taste the differences of processing methods and how coffees from different regions taste compared to each other.

Checked out the Bunn booth , theTrifecta was pretty cool, it seems alot like the Clover, more visual and it seems more user friendly. Also checked out the mypressi twist shot was incrediblely bright, heavy body, alot better than what I expected.

The Slayer machine was pretty bad ass. It's crazy howmuch control you have over temp and pressure. I'm excited about being able to play on Sunday.

Thats it for now, 'bout to go the Intelli party, so I'll holla back ..... check out the pics.

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