What up folks, checking in with ya, just letting you know how the first competition went. “So how did it go?” you ask. I it was okay, for a first try. We 've all learned a lot in the past week in what it means to compete in a barista competition. I think a pretty good explanation is somewhere between Iron Chef and Figure Skating in the Olympics. Its funny, how the addition of seven guys with clipboards can get under your skin. We all do the same motions everyday: grind, dose, tamp, pull, serve, repeat. There you go BGA it stuck. I think that all baristas should compete , it makes you appreciate what you do in a whole new light.

All right, lets get the gripes out of the way, don't worry there aren't a lot. First please test all power strips . I know it sounds like a funny request, but seriously as much money that gets pumped in from all of the sponsors,( thanks Coffee Roasters of New Orleans, and Mahlkonig I think I'm in love with the Vs30, I just wish I had more time with her)that they would have all equipment working. Now for the response, My competition was going to be mediocre at its best it can only get worse when you go to use an electric device and it does not work. 1% there fault 99% my fault . It was a great test for a barista to see how they can overcome such obstacles and keep going.Belive Dan Streetman said those exact words. I do appreciate the time I was given back, I just wish y'all could have given me back my rhythm and confidence. But hey I said my comp. was going to be mediocre at its best, I'm quite sure it was worse. There is always next year

My second suggestion, is this. There doesn't seem to be any promotion of the BGA, I seems likes it's up to the individual members to help find and recruit new members. And that the BGA excluding advertisements doesn;t seem to make any effort or maybe thats the point. If you only have the baristas that are activley in search of information( there are a whole lot of us out there), and that are working everyday to preach the Gospel that is Espresso in the streets and the coffeehouses that are trying to make customers more aware of quality espresso and are trying to make the position of barista as proffesional as possible. We might be missing a bunch who might take that extra step if they knew something so great as the BGA was out there. It just seems to me that, that if we went in search of the passionate baristas in our individual areas, our community would be much bigger, and stronger and in a better place to help grow the industry.

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