ausin texas, and it's the early 1990's; and for the third time in just as many minutes. the skinny, little, nervous. asthmatic (some say wussie*); gets kicked in the chest by the much taller and and stronger bully. The reason for the beating; mainly just bullies being bullies. So what does the kid do. He starts fantasizing about teaming up with his idol Chuck Norris and fighting for truth, justice, and the American way...Flash forward a couple of months and that same sickly kid is standing next to Chuck and being named texas Karate Champion.For our little Karate champion, it took a chance encounter where he strikes a friendship with the hero of his dreams and begins to train under Mr. Norris, becoming a skinny little kid with a fighter's spirit. I don't think chuck can help me, but Who knows. it wouldn't surprise me if Chuck Norris could ; he can do everything.

For one i'm not a skinny little asthmatic kid with no balls, in fact, I am man in my mid twenties who is... I don't know robust? Yup robust, I'm going with robust. Who has no intrest in being a karate champion, but only to do my best to help represent the growing barista community of New Orleans. Myself and the other members of Society of New Orleans Baristas, will be traveling to austin texas, the place of karate dreams and chuck Norris wishes.

So Anderson , Greg, Drew, and I, with our support team of Tash and Jeramy, will pack up the 'ol the minivan ( I only mention minivan because I truly appreciate the minivan , it's just so damn versatile, ie. Camping, tailgating, love machine) and drive to the South Central Barista Championship. We've done a lot in the past few weeks. Buying supplies and tweeking signature drinks. I don't think , I'm the only one who is super excited . Yup . Super excited.,We all are looking forward to meeting with some of the best in the business. And vying for a chance at espresso greatness.

The road will be cold and hard, and the distance will be great. but we are of stout heart and strong spirit.With all the Help and Support of Coffee Roasters of New Orleans, D's Coffee, and Mojo's Coffee house, we are rolling pretty deep. We look forward to hot showers central heat and espreeso dreams achieved.


*Seaquest- talking dolphins and Roy Schneider with a beard

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Comment by elden spear on January 9, 2010 at 5:51am
sheer bloody poetry
Comment by Dan Streetman on January 6, 2010 at 10:37am

awesome! Looking forward to hosting you guys...

see you this weekend

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