Saturday I posted about meeting with my Angel Sunday. Sunday morning I arrived to open my cafe and find the front door glass smashed and door unlocked. Got burglarized, but fortunately the place wasn't trashed. Register emptied excelpt for pennies, dimes and nickles and back up change cash box gone. No signs of anything else missing. Called the police and started pre-open stuff after cleaning up the broken glass. Then it hit me, no way to make change! Had a few ones & fives in the deposit bag and about $3 in quarters in my rig. After the officer arrived and did his thing and left realizded the $600 I reported stolen wasn't all of it. Friday's and Saturday's cash receipts were in the cash box too. Called today to amend the report. Thought I had a very bare bones insurance policy figuring I was simply out well over a grand. Ouch.

Later Sunday met with my Angel at noon at my existing just burglarized Paradise Cafe. Then we drove over to the Roastery and Coffeehouse build-out in progress. She was impressed. In part how I didn't let being robbed get me down. Papers signed and check in hand.

Beth (my Angel) went home and I returned to Paradise Cafe, which turned out to have a good solid day at the register. Even had enough change with what came in to not have to give customers bizarre change.

Emotional roller coaster of a day to be sure. What lesson was to be learned? For one thing for sure I needed to tighten up my cash handling procedures! Especially moving forward with multiple locations. Done. To be trusting is one thing, to be foolishly careless and or lax is another. The sad reality is there are those who listen to the voice of evil over good, negative force instead of positive, Yin and Yang, whatever you want to call it it's real.

And today is another day. While I thought I had a bare bones insurance policy after calling my agent come to find out quite the contrary, have a fairly comprehensive policy including up to $5k on premises cash theft with relatively low $250 deductible! The only thing not covered was the broken glass.

And then this evening find a score on Craigslist I've been watching to find for months. 4ft wide refridgerated deli case in good working condition for a cool $300.

Life is indeed a bed roses. It's all in how you deal with the thorns. And always give thanks where thanks is due, the Man upstairs. As the old saying goes the good Lord giveth, and the good Lord taketh away. Tests and trials are a part of life, a part of growing, which never stops.

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Comment by Mike McGinness on October 27, 2009 at 9:13pm
Yesterday's blog forgot to mention another biggy on the positve side that happened. A cafe I've been "courting" on and off for the entire year they'be been open joined my team yesterday. It can be tough these parts cracken into the high quality cafes being in the shadow of all the Portland Roasters including Stumptown. But I knew that going in and no my quality is solid.

Finally got away from Paradise Cafe around 1pm today and roasted for their 4 five pounders of D'Spro Espresso Blend, plus 16 one pounders of D'Spro, couple other non-espresso blends and SO's. After I finished bagging their order bagged another 18 for shelf plus another 2 Delirium Espresso fivers for mine. Got home a hair before 8 making it a 15 hour day on the tired but satisfied and grateful side of life.
Comment by Joseph Robertson on October 27, 2009 at 8:54am
Very sorry to hear of your losses and morning wake up to a smash and carry scene. What a lesson for all of us small business owners. Yes the yin and the yang of it all, I'm glad it's part of our store sign. Your resiliency and positive vision of your future is wonderful and an inspiration for us all. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Paul Yates on October 27, 2009 at 7:35am
The old saying you quoted originated with Job, the very wealthy man who in virtually one stroke lost all his wealth and the lives of all his children. Even when faced with such a devastating, crippling loss, he was able to honor God with his refusal to, in his wife's words, "Curse God, and die!" I am sorry to hear about this setback, but glad to hear about the way that the situation is being resolved. Sometimes we need these wakeup calls, even though we never WANT them. Hope things continue to improve for you!
Comment by Jason Dominy on October 27, 2009 at 7:16am
Very cool ending. Thanks for sharing man! A reminder to all of us to look for the silver lining, which really is always there.

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