Meeting with my Angel tomorrow. Been skimping, scrimping, begging, borrowing and credit card "loan" advancing for months attempting to get my 2nd CoffeeHouse open at my Roastery. Few weeks ago during lunch Debi was chatting with Beth, a long time co-worker, and in passing mentioned the challenges I was having. Out of the blue Beth said she could probably loan us the money. Paperworks all done, we're signing tomorrow. The final sprint to opening begins in earnest! (Hence my Event announcement for NY Day:-)

I've always believed if something was supposed to happen, and after you've put every ounce of effort you can muster into it to the point of exhaustion and beyond until the brink of a physical and emotional breakdown, the Man upstairs will do the rest. Lo and behold my Angel appeared when times were indeed becoming bleak. Gratitude and Joy fill my soul.

And the first test shot this evening of my Flagship newly reformulated now Organic Delirium Blend while not a Godshot, was much better than I expected at 2 hours post roast EXTREMELY short rested! Really looking forward to how it develops over the next 2 weeks. Oh sure, expect it to need some tweaking which will come. That's what the 5 individual bags of the 5 roasts (of the 4 beans) pulled before post roast blending are for. And besides, roasts always need tweaking!

Another 12 hour day and I'm rather tired, and I have to get up early tomorrow to open Paradise Cafe in the morning since Ben's been working so hard picking up the slack with Maria down with a broken wing giving him the morning off, then meet with Beth Noon, and life is good.

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