I'd re-stocked the whole bean shelf of my little cafe Saturday morning and brought in 18 bags again today, 4 days later. Then it sort of hit me, it's really starting to get real. It's taken almost two years to build up to going through 25 to 30 bags or so a week (combined off the shelf retail sales and by the cup brew station) plus 3 to 5 five pounders of espresso blend. Not huge by any means, but not to bad for a little 20 seater cafe. And picked up another wholesale account last week. And will be opening my second coffeehouse SOON at my roastery location. And actually right on schedule. When I started the Journey November '07 the "plan" was to open a second location in 2 to 3 years with five locations by 10 years. Wholesale accounts haven't grow as much as I'd like, only five so far. But then I've been too preoccupied with keeping Paradise Cafe afloat in these turbulent economic times and it's growing again, moving my roasting operation out of Paradise Cafe first part of this year to a different bigger location and then the 2nd cafe location at the roastery build out. It's all starting to come together and not nearly as stressed as a few months ago...

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Comment by Joseph Robertson on November 25, 2009 at 8:26pm
Mike, I knew it was real for you when I met you at the first home roasters gathering I attended at your place some years ago. After awhile and some years old like I am I can pretty much tell the winners from the loser's. Movers and shakers...your one of them. I saw some of your collection on your dinning room table and because of the commercial path I am on and was on at that time, it crossed my mind, this is not the run of the "coffee" mill homeroaster kind of guy. Sure enough. A few years later your business is more than " getting real" Thanks for all your posts and ramblings. We in the BE coffee world have much to gain from your trials and tribulations.
Ambassador for Specialty Coffee and palate reform.
Comment by Joe Marrocco on September 29, 2009 at 9:50pm
Congrats!! That is awesome news!! Keep it up Brother!! I'd love to come check it all out some time. If I'm ever in the area I'll look you up for sure.

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