dont think about coffee, when you been a drinkin

coffee man ( thanks willie, kris, waylon and j.r.)

I was a barista

with my finger i did slide

with two towels by my side

many a coffee and hot beverages were made

many a folks said high prices they did pay

the instructors trained newbies for their coffees life

but do they have the drive.


I was a roaster

the sampler i did slide

from the sample i did buy

i brewed a robusta bought from mexico

i tamped and weighed for a double ristretto

when the destoner broke they said the grinder killed

but i am grinding still.

i was a bag filler

on a steel table clean and wide

where sealer and tin tie did collide

a face made older by the vile mold aroma

i shipped and sold as the orders flowed

they carrried me in a foiled gusset bag

but it won't make me frown.

cuz it comes from the ground.

from the ground, from the ground, from the ground.

i'd be a latte

and my micro foam did shine

and as a treat i did provide

for that taste they will have to come back again

maybe i will amaze them with a shot if i can

or maybe a single drop of rain

something balanced bright and round.

cuz it comes from the ground.

from the ground, from the ground,from the ground

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