An article in the Oregonian today about how Stumptown will stop using Clovers to brew coffee in their retail stores by Friday.

"We've never purchased parts or service from Starbucks in the past, and we're not going to start now," said Matt Lounsbury, Stumptown's director of operations, who said the company's two stores with Clovers would stop using them by Friday.

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Comment by Dave White on March 27, 2008 at 3:25pm
Big up to Duane and Stumptown... As usual. Way to lead guys!
Comment by S.a.a.d.i.a on March 27, 2008 at 1:52pm
Doesn't Starbucks know the aquisition of the Clover is never going to legitimize the quality of their coffee in the true coffee world? It's a shame that Starbucks is going to bastardize the Clover in such a way. I'm sure Starbucks will have their customers think they are getting something truly special. So sad.
Comment by Dustin Fluke on March 27, 2008 at 11:34am
I don't know anything about this company, but I have had a coffee out of the clover, and it was something pretty unique I thought. I was saddened that clovernet was going to be shut down (or I haven't heard otherwise) Just this morning I listened to coffeegeek's podcast on the topic, and I think he has something when he speculates Starbuck's "purchased" the marketing term "fresh brewed coffee" It's a very interesting listen if you get the chance.
Comment by Jason Dominy on March 27, 2008 at 9:12am
I love people that take a stand, and stick by it, no matter how popular it is, or if it makes sense to anyone else. And for that, I applaud Stumptown's decision. If anyone invested the most in seeing Clovers successful, it was them, and without future support, the return on that investment was unsure. What happens if the machines freak out in 8 months? Go to Starbucks? Their decision was clear, and it is a moral issue.
This debate has been very lengthy, and heated on this forum and, with points thrown at each other like grenades, but the fact is, these opinions are built from within the core feelings of people and their respective companies. And those values certainly will translate to decisions like the one related to keeping or getting rid of the Clover. I think, if I could have afforded to, I would done the same thing, especially if I had been "whored-out" as Jay Caragay called it. And I do believe there was that kinda thing going on. I do believe independent shops took the ball all the way to the 1 yard line, for CEC to give the ball to Starbucks to go into the end zone and enjoy the benefits from.
"Why didn't independents buy thousands of the machine?" Well, the cost to make them was out of whack, throwing the cost of purchasing one out of whack. Perhaps investors could have allowed for a way to make the machine less costly, and more independents would have been able to take advantage of a machine that at the end of the day, is just a machine. And a machine ain't nothing without coffee, and that's what it's about anyway.
The fact that there were independents willing to make an investment into the future of CEC by purchasing the Clover and touting it everyday in every way says obviously now the return on that investment is just a machine. And a machine that you will have to deal with Starbucks on in the future. So, I commend Stumptown on their decision, and hope that what this situation does it get our focus back onto the coffee, and the best ways we can get customers to not only drink it in our stores, but in their homes, as well. Cheers.
Comment by Joe Stormer on March 27, 2008 at 8:45am
does this mean that customers at their seattle stores won't have to push down on an air pot to get brewed coffee anymore?
Comment by Jordan on March 26, 2008 at 4:30pm
I was in the annex a few days ago. A few of the Stumptown guys were working with a melitta(sp?) stand. I tried their Rwandan gold cup winner using both a clover and a melitta, and honestly the melitta was significantly brighter and more complex than the clover produced. I know they're working with different grinds and doses to improve cup quality. Needless to say starbucks purchasing clover is a blow to specialty coffee, however as industry it has always been our job to approach coffee in new ways with quality at the forefront (not as a marketing tool, cough cough starbucks). This is just another opportunity for us to refocus our attention on the coffee and not how we're making it.
Comment by Matt Milletto on March 26, 2008 at 1:57pm
Stumptown was the first retailer to put in a Clover as I understand, in the Annex. They, and many others invested HEAVILY into promoting the Clover and how it made their coffees shine. I totally understand their decision. Unfortunate, but seriously ... that must sting a bit.
Comment by Peggy Gargaro on March 26, 2008 at 12:34pm
Every time I travel to Portland, I stop by Stumptown and pick up a great cup of coffee. I am sorry to hear they are not using their Clover machines, but I greatly understand why. Thank you Stumptown for a great cup of coffee using the Clover. Thank you for taking a stand against the corporate giant.

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