Not sure if anyone else out there has picked up a TORR tamper, but I wanted to share with you this cool new product. I received my new Zebra Wood TORR tamper from TerraKeramik last week. It is their newest offering since their great line of "competition" quality ceramic capp and espresso cups.

I must say the tamper is a true work of art, it fits my hand similar to the beloved espresso craft tamper I have been using, and has that nice convex subtle ridge around that fits the thumb. It is also slightly convex which I do like as well. It has a good weight to it and is well balanced and from reading on their website, "Each tamper is handcrafted with attention to detail in numerous manual steps that results in a first-class fit and finish. To feel comfortable in the hand, the wood handles are sanded and polished to produce a smooth, lustrous surface. The steel pistons are finished with a satin, soft brushed surface that resists fingerprints and smudges. The black-lasered TORR logo on the stainless steel piston adds a touch of class."

The price tag is about what you would expect for a tamper of this quality, and there are a couple different prices for the different wood. They seem to be a great option for the uber barista who can afford one, similar to a classic car you take out on the weekends maybe ... or a shiny daily driver for a pro : )

- Matt

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Comment by Phil Proteau on March 26, 2008 at 6:07am
I do like the handle shape, the curve, and Zebra wood is so damn cool.
Comment by Matt Milletto on March 25, 2008 at 10:17pm
I like a little weight on the piston, and it is as well balanced as any tamper i've tried. There is a little more weight on the bottom, and once you have it in position, it makes for a nice controllable tamp.
Comment by Phil Proteau on March 25, 2008 at 5:15pm
When you say "well balance", isn't the steel piston still heavier than the wooden handle, or is there a weight in the handle to balance it?

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