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This week in coffee, for me at least.

Well, this has been a good week for me.  I tried two establishments in the Greater Cincinnati area, Buffalo Mountain Coffee and Windmill Coffee.    Both were great! Not sure if I like one more than the other.   Buffalo Mountain was great, because I was able to enjoy my drink while sitting on a couch and reading a magazine.  A perfect lunch break, relaxing at lunch with coffee in hand, may be the best way to enjoy my lunch break.  I went to Windmill Coffee on Saturday afternoon.  They are new…


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Barista Interview: Rachel Haughey from espresso NEAT

This month's barista interview is about what it takes to start a cafe and great advice for anyone thinking about opening their own cafe.

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Frothing Accomplishments

So, I think I have finally done it.   I am consistently able to produce micro foam!  Its not a 50/50 foam to milk ratio, I would guess it to be more like 30/50 foam to milk or a little less. But it sure tastes good!  Oh and I can't pour any thing that would be called art at this time. Although, it always looks pretty to me.  I think when its called coffee, it always looks good.

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Send Bryan Arndt to Bogota, Colombia! With just your vote..

Please go to to vote for me.  I'm only behind 1st place by 40 or so votes!  I would love your support.  I would love the chance to attend the World Barista Championships and meet many wonderful people while visiting coffee farms.


If you vote, you enter a raffle to win $1,000, not bad!  I just need your vote. 

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An evening in Bangsar- Kuala Lumpur

I am sitting outside now...the sky is a light, duck egg blue. Sitting under the fig tree where so often I pass the time between the busy lunch and hectic evening rushes. We are on a hill here...the street runs up and down to the Mesjid (Surau) at the bottom. At this time of night many people are beginning to walk home from work. Many in suits and ties. Others are coming out for the evening. For us its still not busy...but for sure on a Friday night it will become busy. Bangsar is a nicely…


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Atlanta Disloyalty Card version 2.0 is out, and all shops are already out!

A new batch is being ordered up, and will be back in shops in the next couple of weeks. That means we already have 2000 version 1 and 2 cards out around Atlanta! Viva La Specialty Coffee!


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A tough nut to crack - specialty coffee in Kuala Lumpur

When Karl casually told me that he reckoned it was a good idea to open Antipodean in the flash, upmarket suburb of Bangsar (KL, Malaysia), I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Malaysia, unlike Indonesia, has a very developed level of food appreciation- from eating the variety of delicacies on offer- to critiquing them via live blogs and other web media. In all honesty Merdeka Coffee has its hands fairly full with Indonesia, the cafe in Sydney, the roastery in Auckland and some plans for…


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Continuing from my ups and downs in the skill of making Micro-Foam.


I have made some really good progress.   Between this site, you-tube,  and another site I think I finally get the basics.  Now I just need to make it second nature.


I am making froth on my Silvia and I can consistently make micro foam now! I am sure that my local grocery store is happy about all the milk I have been purchasing.  I think I can still make it better though.   I need to learn how…


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