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Added by EDUARDO GOMEZ LATORRE on February 28, 2010 at 8:13am — No Comments

Coffee Bliss 1 - An Introduction

I live my everyday life starting the morning with a cup of coffee. It gives me a push to begin the day energised, somewhat excited, enthusiastic, and alert. It makes me think and it soothens my mood and my mind. It is my favorite stress reliever.

Somehow, any coffee works for me...may it be just those instant coffee sachets available everywhere, or those luxurious ones sold in coffee shops. They may be those artificially made or those organic. They may be those just added in…


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to baristas and customers who want to read about coffee culture

The Dark Roast is a collection of true and informative anecdotes about the coffee world we all love. As a barista of 13 years, having worked in a handful of shops and drank espresso in hundreds of shops, I have made it my mission to bring the culture and finer elements of coffee drinking to the world. The Dark Roast makes for interesting reading and can be used to know the ins and outs of real coffeeshops throughout the U.S. If you are an attentive barista or simply an appreciative or curious… Continue

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Rat Race

Just finished the nth lap of the rat race...not much work but I'm so dead tired already. Just the thought of being in a secluded area where every move is within arms length run by the policies and rules, which most often than not, are not agreeable to me, is... just... plain... boring... I want this to end. I want it now. Question. How?

Added by Aira Palad on February 24, 2010 at 3:35am — 2 Comments

Check out Fresh Cup's February e-Newsletter!

Read it here or get it in your inbox every month by signing up at our website: www.freshcup.com

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Enter the Coffee Kids Drawing! Win a home roaster, an espresso machine or coffee!

Coffee Kids prizes We are excited to announce the second annual benefit drawing for Coffee Kids with three great prizes from Coffee Kids supporters. The drawing will be held on Sunday, April 18 at 1 pm at the Coffee Kids' booth (#2157) at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Expo in Anaheim, CA.

Tickets for the drawing are available for a suggested donation of $25 (five entries for a donation of $100) and participants need not be present to win. Please visit Coffee Kids… Continue

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Hario V60

Just brewed my first Hario drip coffee. 20g dark roasted Kenya AA that was roasted by Ken at Taylor's Landing Coffee, Kingston, RI. Ground fine, same grind I've used for Melitta Cone and Mocha pot brewing. 12 oz. of water. The resulting cup was delicious. I am looking forward to experimenting and comparing the use of the paper filter to the flannel filter.

Man I love coffee!

Added by Daren MacDonald on February 22, 2010 at 4:15pm — No Comments

Coffee: Healthy Or Harmful?

Coffee: Healthy Or Harmful?

The findings on caffeine change so often, I sometimes suspect that they depend on whether the scientist doing the study likes the brew! The latest reports are a mixed bag, but all the findings are important.

The good news: A study from SUNY Downstate Medical Center found that seniors with normal blood pressure who drink four or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to die from heart disease. Caffeine is presumed to be protective by… Continue

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What organisms are involved in the production of OTA in coffee?

OTA-producers in coffee

What organisms are involved in the production of OTA in coffee?

As noted above, certain fungi have ecological associations with certain crop plants, and some processing or storage conditions favour specific fungi - hence certain crops have a tendency to contain particular mycotoxins and not others. Coffee is no exception.

Neither of the OTA-producing species of Penicillium (P. verrucosum and P. nordicum) have been isolated from coffee. P.… Continue

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It is with profound sorrow that the Lavazza Group announces that

Cavaliere del Lavoro Emilio Lavazza passed away yesterday.

A member of the family’s third generation, he was an extraordinary captain of industry who devoted 50 years of exemplary leadership to the company.

Born in Turin in 1932, he joined the family business — founded in 1895 by his grandfather Luigi — in 1955. When his father Giuseppe died in 1971,

Emilio was appointed CEO of the… Continue

Added by Spyridon Gkinnis on February 22, 2010 at 1:34pm — No Comments

Small Business Social Media

I've become really fascinated with how small independent businesses can take advantage of emergent social web tools. Much of my professional experience has been in the non-corporate world (except for Ritz

Carlton, Hyatt, GTE Sprint, and some early career positions);

independents generating less than $5 million in annual revenues.

The growth challenges posed to independents are, I believe, much more difficult than that for larger organizations. With larger…


Added by Jeffrey J Kingman on February 20, 2010 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Poll: Does Portland beat Seattle at coffee?

A Seattle radio piece today has the city talking. I posted an online poll.

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UKBC Off and Running


Chiodo, BUNN Director of Sales and Marketing for Europe, contributed

this post on the United Kingdom Barista Championship (UKBC).

I was lucky enough to be in attendance for the… Continue

Added by Nichole DuPont on February 19, 2010 at 3:00pm — No Comments

Mission Coffee Can

What an exciting time to work in the coffee industry. Today in the

United States, there is definitely more appreciation for high quality

coffee than ever before and coffee drinkers are interested in learning

about coffee producing countries and growing practices.

To help in this coffee education, BUNN is sponsoring a new thought-provoking web series called Mission Coffee Can. The series… Continue

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Vendor Relationships

Just read a really interesting article on vendor relationships and suddenly I realized that my store has a horrible relationship with our vendors. I have seen recently how people are dealing with their vendors at other stores and came to the conclusion that we seriously need to revamp our vendor relationships to a trusting and profiting relationship. The general idea of the relationship between a store and their vendor is based on a mutual profitability. If the store profits, the vendor… Continue

Added by Gabe Windham on February 15, 2010 at 5:45am — No Comments

Time to Update Your Profile

Lately, when I think about some of the fancy-pants new machines hitting the market, I feel completely at a loss. For the first time in a really long time, it seems like- as far

as the coffee industry is concerned- technology might be moving faster

than we are able to process it. I don’t mean to say that we fully

understand all technologies that have been presented to us over the

past couple decades, but if I were to speak…


Added by Bryan Wray on February 12, 2010 at 6:23am — 3 Comments

How AJ Bombers is Powered by Social Media - Kitchen Table Talks with Chris Brogan

Are you still trying to figure out how to use social media in your specialty coffee/tea shop? Social media heavyweight Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan on Twitter) lands at AJ Bombers restaurant in Milwaukie for a meal and video interviews a multiple location restaurateur on the power of Twitter...

Can you say 75% traffic coming from Twitter alone?

How AJ Bombers is Powered by Social Media

Let me know what you… Continue

Added by Jeffrey J Kingman on February 5, 2010 at 1:41pm — No Comments

Bagger / Driver needed in Milwaukee, WI

If you want the rock star life of bagging and delivering coffee for Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co, then look no further. We are looking for a person for about 25-35 hours (daytime) a week. Pay is around $8.50/hour, but experience might get you more. Also, if you have experience in coffee, it could be a full time job. Some heavy lifting is involved. We hope to hear from you soon!

Accepting Resumes and Cover Letters. Attaching specific availability (students) is helpful. Applications not… Continue

Added by Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. on February 3, 2010 at 12:06pm — 3 Comments

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