Thank you Starbucks for making your "dry" cappuccinos hot milk with foam sitting on top so that this morning when a lady orders DRY and i give her extra foamy all the way thru instead of sitting on top she tells me "you don't know what dry means. Dry means this much foam" and i said "yes ma'am if you take a drink you'll see its going to be extra foamy all the way through the drink so you get to enjoy the foamy all the way to the bottom" she hands me a nickel and says i don't know what i'm doing.


Thank you starbucks for naming a vanilla latte with caramel on top a Macchiato. Instead of the traditional 2.5 oz hot drink. So now people come to me and order a 20 oz blended macchiato.


Thank you for over sweetening your drinks and getting the term "burnt" to describe drinks that aren't sugared up.


Thank you Starbucks for completely slapping espresso in the face.

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YES I also say thanks to Charbux for bastardizing what a real espresso based drink should truly be. Same goes for McDonald's and any other place that wants to twist things out of proportion just to get an edge on the competition.
bahahahaha i bitch about it but i mean it happesn to every one of us. it just always amazes me. i think that working in hospitality has really taught me a lot about how to treat people all the time.
ps. biscuit head made me cry laughing
Haha love when people talk shiton starbucks! My girlfriend is sitting right next to me applying ther online as I write this and man they ask some weird questions on their application !
Many indies gripe, but then they all mimic layout, menu, etc. of Starbucks. The only thing different is, more often than not, these indies are worse.

Distance yourself from all things Starbuckian by quality, menu offerings, and ambiance. People will catch on fast.
I can gripe with the best of them, but you're absolutely right, John.

Brandi, don't let the nonsense get to you. Keep serving awesome coffee and your customers will keep coming back!

John P said:
Many indies gripe, but then they all mimic layout, menu, etc. of Starbucks. The only thing different is, more often than not, these indies are worse.

Distance yourself from all things Starbuckian by quality, menu offerings, and ambiance. People will catch on fast.
Now you can see how the Italians feel about what we have done to their beloved "espresso." So much so, they had to define their "espresso Italiano," and to prescribe how it is to be made, what an espresso blend is, what machines are to be used, and who can make it. Nothing drives them more crazy that to hear us speak about "Single Origin espresso."
Brandi I feel your pain. But think of it this way for those who get it the right way appreciate you and your spro slinging skills. I work at a shop that will make it a a extra cost of course. But when Im left to run the bar alone ( usually the way it is for me) I just refuse to make it and suggest a similar tasting drink. and as for the tip just throw it away in front of her
oh, we haven't had one of these in a while. Short story. I was in a St. Arbucks a few months ago because I've boycotted my local Coffee Shop. And while waiting for my friend's drink to be prepared I noticed a sign that said "if your drink isn't perfect we'll remake it" or something like that. And I seriously laughed out loud. I asked the "barista" if anyone ever asked him to make a drink again and he said "yeah, happens all the time." I thought, well, I bet it does. The only time I've ever been asked to make a drink over, that I can remember, is when I hadn't explained to a customer that a machiato or a cappuccino isn't a 20 oz drink.

The St. Arbucks misinformation program is something right out of 1984 or A Clockwork Orange. He who controls history controls the future, brainwashing, eyes peeled open staring at "training videos" and colorful "Ethiopian Harrar" propaganda.

Don't get discouraged. Give her the 5 cents back and tell her where the nearest St. Arbucks is. Or you can tell her St. Arbucks makes coffee the way McDonalds makes hamburgers. They hire anyone off the street and only give them the training required to repeat their sales pitches. They're literally called scripts. Also It helps to think of how many times a day someone asks them to remake a drink because they haven't been trained at all and think of how many times a day they have to hear "say it with me now, SMALL LATTE. Not tall, SMALL!"
I feel your pain Brandi, the "Evil Empire" and I have a love-hate relationship. As a fellow Barista I couldn't count on both hands the amount of times a person has ordered a Macchiato(Cut me off when I tried to explain what an actual macchiato was) and got pissed when I handed them a delicious 2oz. drink with lovely foamed milk covering the top. As much as I may hate the dessert drinks that they pass off as specialty coffee, they have raised public awareness of the specialty coffee industry and have brought us bunches of customers (that we attempt to convert to "real" drinks ASAP).
Guys I like Starbucks bashing as much as the next, but let's not get too judgmental towards the employees. It's a job, that has benefits, and sometimes people need money. It's isn't the employees choice to serve the mislabeled/misleading drinks. It's the companies, and they are just doing there job.
Did I miss-read something here. How do you describe the difference between a dry cap and a wet cap?
Sounds like you handed her a wet cap?

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