I am a barista in Oklahoma, one of the most uptight states I am aware of when it comes to many things, especially beer and liquor.  Anyway, I am beyond stoked to very soon be a part of helping start a progressive establishment that will incorporate a mixture of hands on, old school espresso and quality coffee with a full liquor bar.  Here is my question:  Other than the obvious "Irish Coffee", I am eagerly looking for suggestions / recipes / books / websites etc. that have tried and true recipes for drinks (hot, cold, blended, flaming, whatever...) mixing espresso, coffee & liquor.  Come on people, I am really counting on some serious feedback from my barista comrades here!  Thank you in advance and all the very best.


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Try to get in touch with Alex Negranza(@barista_alex on twitter). He does some bartending in Seattle in addition to being an awesome coffee guy. He did a couple of coffee cocktails at the BGA party during SCAA conference in Houston this year and would be a good resource for some ideas.

Find an Israeli.  When I was there, there were tons of coffee shops that served alcohol.  Unfortunately I only remember whiskey and espresso.

I'm always down for a good coffee cocktail. Let me know if there's anything I can do. BaristaAlex (at) gmail

We are doing coffee for a local brewery. They have won gold medal with their coffee porter; It's a lighter porter with some crisp citric notes and we are doing a 50/50 blend of our Kenya French Mission and a Costa Rica from Rio Jorco for this. We also did another Kenya for Odell Brewing's Mercenary IPA. It's a very citrus forward beer, and the Kenya had similar tasting notes. 

I would encourage you to do a drink that highlights both components vs doing something with booze and coffee (at least to serve :). If you do an espresso martini right it comes out pretty well, but you have to had at least two shots.

Have fun!


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