Man oh man am I Happy. I just recently purchased an awesome Bialette moka pot and couldn't be happier. at home I have been making french press, when I'm not at work with my esspresso machine, but then at christmas my brother had me try coffee out of his sweet moka pot and I was instantly in-love.

i ordered one that very day online.

right now im just prepairing it with some warm soy milk which just makes a delicious nutty, flavorful cup. I love it because it seems a happy medium between drip coffee/french press and espresso. It has a faster extraction time,which makes it easier on the jitters but gives you all the flavors you want!

I highly recommend everyone getting one. It will be the best part of your day...

Also curious if anyone has any interesting coffee tricks or recipes with their moka pots...Im still experimenting with mine to get just the right balance.

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Rebecca, was it the Moka Express that you ordered?

I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy a cup of 'moka pot' coffee, but I understand from my coffee literature that they can have an extration ratio similar to espresso machines, so would you pour/serve/enjoy the cup as you would a cup of drip coffee? or is it more of an Americano? Would you compare it to the coffee brewed with a percolator? Also, what kind of a roast is preferred for the beans? Light/Medium/Dark?

Thank you for the info!
Opening up an old thread, but I just got a moka pot myself and have been experimenting with it.

Anyone have any magic tricks to squeeze out an awesome up? I've only made about three cups with mine so far, so I'm still experimenting!
the best trick ive learned is preheating the water, then adding it to the moka pot. then, after the first "sneeze" of coffee, pulling it off the heat and placing it on a cool wet towel to prevent over-extraction. yay!

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