so i made a pourover bar from scratch, i figured i'd pass along the know-how.

you'll need:
2'x4" piece of wood, half an inch to an inch thick (i used red oak)
four 6" table legs (the ones with the screws on the end)
a 2 3/4" hole saw drill bit
four toilet tank rubber o-ring gaskets (the L-beveled ones)
some good varnish
4 large beehouse drippers

take the plank, drill four 2 3/4" holes at equal intervals along its length.
drill holes at the corners that will fit the leg screws, and attach
varnish it
gorilla glue the gaskets to the top of the holes
put the drippers on and you're set. the drippers won't move because the rubber of the gaskets holds them in, but you just lift off to clean.


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Nice job, I like the legs and the circular insert.
that actually might be a 2'x6". forgot to measure it
Looks like a 1"x6" at 2 feet long.
that would probably be the proper way to say it. 1" thick, 6" wide, 2' long. i'm a bit of an amateur at building things, but hopefully this will inspire people more skilled than i
That is slick. The gaskets are a nice touch.
Good job.

It would be nice to have a metal tray underneath it with a drain tube that can take the excess coffee and dispose it. It would also require a perforated platform for the cups to sit on.

This is particularly true if customers have access to the cups into which their coffee is dripping. You can expect them to pull their cup away when the coffee is still dripping.
Just add a couple of flashing LEDs and you could sell this!

Looks good!
Never mind the photo quality, these were all taken with my phone, but here's the one we put together.

Nice.... thanks for posting this. We are going to be building our own as well.... Excited about it...
I like it. I think maybe I'll try one this weekend. I've some nice black walnut that I've never used, and it's warn enough to be outside this weekend.

Any problems with people from the health department? I know we would have a hard time selling this one to them... Do they make a food grade polyurethane?
the NC health dept. seems to ignore anything i use for coffee itself. i.e., espresso machine, grinders, drip brewer, pourover bar, etc. they seem to be far more concerned with things like cream pitchers (nsf or not) and refrigeration.
This looks awesome - really well done. It's inspired me to start working on one I've been batting around in my head for a few months. Thanks for the info!

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