I'm always on the look out for all natural smoothies for my shop. What i've found is that most smoothies contain an ungodly amount of sugar and preservatives.

So what I'm wondering is, does anybody carry sweetbird smoothies? How do the customers like them? Are they really all-natural? And what do the mixes cost? I checked all over the website and couldn't find anything.


Thank you mucho!

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Sweetbird's ingredient lists always look appealing.


But if you're really looking for all natural smoothies, why not simply make your own from scratch?  That way you know the complete provenance of all the ingredients.

How about fresh fruit?


We are a specialty roaster wholesaler in Wisconsin and we have been offering Sweetbird smoothies to our accounts for a few months now. We also drink them all the time. They are excellent. What we like about them is the the main ingredients are real fruit puree and they have no artificial flavors or colors. The real fruit smoothes base runs about $7.50 per liter and each liter makes six 16 oz servings with blended with milk or ice. They also rolled out 100% fruit smoothie mix which which won SCAAs Best New Product Award this spring. These are $8.50 per liter and contain no added sugar. Very cool stuff. 


You can always blend fruit and yogurt to make smoothies, but they can gobble up a lot fruit which can make them just as pricey to make. The nice thing about the sweetbird mixes is that you can do real fruit smoothies with hard to find fruits like mango, black current and peach any time of the year. They are also very fast to make. 


I hope this helps!

thanks joseph thats exactly the answer i was lookin for :)
We thought about using different mixes, but the cheapest and most natural method (we found) is to blend yogurt, ice, frozen fruit, and apple juice.

We have Sweetbird at the American Barista & Coffee School, and there are a lot of advantages to using a fresh fruit puree instead of fresh or frozen fruit. Very easy to control portions, waste, seasonality of fruits, etc. I highly recommend them and we have clients who have been very satisfied. Plus they have been a big bX supporter for quite some time. :)


- Matt

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