I've been looking for a custom tamper.  Which one will work the best for me?  A quick Google search yields sites such as www.goodtamper.com with the Polecon tamper.  I want something "cool," something with some character.  Any suggestions?

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um. that is awesome.

Alex C. McGregor said:
I ordered one from Reg probably about eight months ago. Emailed with questions and got same day response. Had my new custom tamp in about a week. Wonder what's going on.


Ben Cram said:
I do know he just had to lay some people off . (and I'm making excuses for him cause he's a friend.) You could try calling. If you search Victoria BC phone directory under his name you might get his shop.

Daniel Ho said:
Re Reg Barber. I've tried to order one before, and I had a couple of questions. Likewise, I've received no response. He does have nice tampers--I've used quite a few of the. But, I think Reg needs to hire someone to man the email accounts. Just sayin'...
One of a kind, no question.
I am going to try polecon- for me in Asia they are close-by. For sure watch this space I will be giving a very frank and honest evaluation of what I get... so far communication has been good and honest.

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