I'm simply looking for a quality blender that will hold up and does a great job with iced drinks.  I know there are quite a few out there and am just looking for something that won't break the bank, but will do the job for years to come.  I also don't need a "covered"(quiet) blender.  Suggestions?




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There are indeed lots of models to choose from, but currently I use the E-Z blender from BlendTec (actually 2 of them) and they work quite well. They have programmable cycles depending on drink to be blended, protection from thermal/overload/voltage issues and are very simple to use. Surely there are others stronger/quicker than the E-Z that can make shorter work of the task at hand, but that usually comes with a higher price tag. The E-Z is around $400 and comes with 2 jars/lids. My only complaint is the bearing/blade assembly can't be replaced on BlendTec models as it's sonically fused into the jar base, therefore the jar has to be replaced when the bearing goes, but they can be found for about $50. Have about 2,500 cycles on each base without a hiccup and really they're just getting broken in.

We use Blend tec they do a great job but you do have to replace the cups.

Thanks for the input, so far!  I've also heard people love Vita Mix...can I get some feedback on their models from some users?  I appreciate knowing that the whole jar has to be replaced with BlendTec versus just a bearing, too.  Have also heard favorable reports from Waring users.  Are there specific model numbers you fine folks do recommend from the companies you mention.  Google searches are a plus from my end ;-)

We use a Ibc3 blend tec and we have a new Q bought it at coffee fest Chicago we love it. Some day"s we make 200 smoothies with one blender.

The vitamix is equipped with a star blade.. which means that air-gap stalls are more frequent... which is why they include a plastic tamper.  


I've seen many torn up plastic tampers from baristas who were in a rush, frustrated, or just not paying attention.  


Vitamix blades are sharper than BlendTec, however, BlendTec's propeller blade design is head and shoulders a better solution for most of what we're doing.  


I haven't used one yet, but I'm leaning towards the Omega Professional blenders.  BPA-free pitchers, propeller blade design (like blendtec), and sharp blades (like vitamix) and cheaper than either, with a comparable warranty.  (for the record, I love my Omega single auger juicer at home, and it may make me a little biased.  I've used both BlendTec and Vitamix blenders on espresso bars, and always preferred BlendTec for ease of use, but Vitamix for consistency.. I suspect owed to the sharper blades, which is why I lean towards the Omega line). 

I just did a side-by-side comparison yesterday with a Vitamix Bar Boss and a new BlendTec Smoother 15q. I'm not sure if they're comparable models to each other, but from the dozens of smoothies I made yesterday (for recipe development), I can say that we were much happier with the texture that the BlendTec created. It was smoother and held up longer.


Totally anecdotal, though, so take that with a grain of salt.

I have always owned a Vitamix and they are a great machine. I think they are much better than Blend Tec. I don't think the Blend Tec does as good a job of blending as the Vitamix.

Also own a Hamilton Beach Summit Bar Blender and it is great. Very smooth blending.

It will depend on what kind of HP you have. Both of my machines are 3hp. It definately makes a difference.

We use Vitamix. We started with Blendtec and they are not nearly as durable as the Vitamix. The Blendtec containers and blade assembly fail at a much faster rate than The Vitamx. Vitamix uses a sealed bearing design and a much sturdier metal base for their containers. Both our Blendtec blenders required new containers every 6-9 months as the base of would crack. Both my blendtec's also had drive shaft bearing failures Blendtec will not sell replacement parts, they require you to send the units in for them to repair at a quoted cost of $350 each. I wouldn't buy a blendtec again. Our Vitamix blenders have now been in service for 3 times as long as the blentecs they work all day long every day and have not given any problems.


This is all really useful information to me!  Thanks very much for taking time to provide your input.  I've only ever used Vitamix blenders, of varying styles, with good results.  Again, my biggest purpose is looking at iced drinks vs. smoothies, so the motors have to be durable and the bearings, solid.  I also like the sealed bearing design of Vitamix, and really thank you for the info on repair costs, too.  $350 is a bit steep in my book!


Any thoughts on "pourability", or are the pitchers all equally as cumbersome with an iced up frozen mocha?  Have only used the square pitchers which nicely direct the pour into a stream, as long as it doesn't gel together at the bottom around the blade.


Thanks, again, everyone!

I recommend checking out the Vitamix "The Quite One". It's seriously very quiet. :)
Troy, I'm a little puzzled by your statement "my biggest purpose is looking at iced drinks vs smoothies". We have two blenders that are used every day, seven days a week. We use a Hamilton Beach blender (very similar to a home version) that we use for iced drinks and a Vitamix Drink Machine we use for ice blended (Coffee, Chai or Fruit). We blend everything but the ice and pour over ice from the Hamilton Beach and blend w/ice in the Vitamix. The style of Vitamix we use has the tamper and in the past six years have never had a problem with getting it in the blades. After many years of service we have finally had to replace a set of brushes and an on/off switch. We have had to replace a few blade assemblies and they run ~$80 a pop. We have tried some of the programmable blenders but they are very picky with the mixture and if they cavitate then you have to stop the blender and shake or push the mixture around. With the tampers we can work the mixture to create an incredibly smooth ice blended drink that we get a lot of compliments on.
We use 2 BledTec Q series blenders. Ask your distributor about blender programs... Cappuccine gave us free product when we ordered our blenders from them. Our musicians are always commenting about "Where are the blenders, I thought you had frozen drinks on the menu?" Very hard working, about as quiet as a blender can get. FYI what ever you buy make sure your employees wash and care for the carafes properly. I had an employee put our in the dishwasher a few times before I caught her!!! They held up for a while but I after two years of being open (she was my trainer just before I dismissed her) I just bought new carafes.

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