We are ineffably excited and eager to announce that Dillanos Coffee Roasters will be hosting the 2009 NWRBC January 9th-11th at the Temple Theater in beautiful Tacoma, WA.

Stay tuned for more info. I will be passing details on as soon as they come in.

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Love it.
Sweet! Looking forward to it!
kee-ripes! FiNaLlY!!! Seems like this was put off for A LOOOOOOOOONG time...
AMEN! Finally!I thought I was never going to compete!

aren't you glad I didn't use any of your pitchers in the Millrock Comp?
Man, I sucked it UP that day... would've jinxed your whole setup!
Next year Tom! WE'LL prepare for it to the max!
ok, bro - we'll see about it. Talk about a learning experience. Gee whiz...
It's too bad the NWRBC won't coincide with the NKOTB concert at the Tacoma Dome.
It would be nice to hear some NKOTB during someones competition time.

Please take note of the email on the flyer. I will be answering questions from that address as well as this thread.

Thanks everyone. I can't wait to meet you all...
I'm so excited for this. When will competitors be able to register for the competition? SCAA hasn't even put this on there website yet. =-/
What's up everyone,

Alex, I hear ya. The SCAA has all of the info. They are just freakin swamped right now with the SCRBC and the SWRBC. Not to mention that Michelle Campbell has left the organization! I will call on them again this week to check progress and see if they will post the documents.

In the meantime, if there is anything at all that I can try to answer for you guys, let me know.

Loads of Love,

Yay! Documents are up on the SCAA site. You can now sign up to compete, judge AND volunteer!!

As for the official NWRBC hotel check this...

This hotel is dope and we get a killer deal if the NWRBC is mentioned before booking. The rooms are usually $250 but we got 'em for $139

With love,


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